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Terms & conditions

O2 Mobile Broadband Consumer Tariff Terms (without Laptop) if you signed up before 29 November 2010


  1. O2 Mobile Broadband allowance includes:

    • a) A specified amount of data via use of O2 UK's Edge/GPRS/3G/HSPA networks; and
    • b) A specified or unlimited amount of Wi-Fi usage via The Cloud and/or BT Openzone's UK Wireless LAN network, (subject to excessive usage policy) for personal internet use via your modem or data card or the device for which your sim card has been provided to you and is intended to be used in. Applies to use in the UK only.

    All data usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes. Regardless of the amount of data you use, you must not use your sim:

    • in, or connected to, any device other than the one which it was supplied with or intended by us for use with; or
    • in such a way that we reasonably believe adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers.

    We reserve the right to use appropriate traffic shaping or throttling measures to protect our network from types of data usage which we think might impact on levels of service for customers at specific times of day and/or in specific locations.

  2. Use of O2 Mobile Broadband with a dongle is subject to a compatible laptop or device and the minimum system requirements are Windows 7, Windows XP (Service Pack 1-3 (32 Bit)), Vista (32 Bit) or MAC OS X (10.4.7+). BT Openzone Wi-Fi is not available to customers using Mac laptops with a dongle.
  3. Access to O2 Mobile Broadband is subject to network coverage.
  4. Connection speeds are subject to various factors including network coverage and signal strength and therefore we cannot guarantee that your connection will reach any specific speeds.
  5. All prices shown include VAT. Prices are correct at time of publication but are subject to change.
  6. O2 reserves the right to change or vary the O2 Mobile Broadband service from time to time.
  7. These terms incorporate the O2 Privacy Policy, a copy of which is available at

O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly

  1. To order O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly you must be resident in the UK and aged 18 or above.
  2. Connection to O2 Mobile Broadband is subject to status, credit-check and agreeing to the terms of either a one month or 18 minimum term O2 Pay Monthly Airtime Contract. If you cancel your agreement during the minimum term you will be required to pay the outstanding monthly charges for the remainder of your minimum term. O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly may not be available for all devices.
  3. If you connect to a one month minimum term contract you may provide written notice that you wish to end your O2 Mobile Broadband contract at any time and this will be effective 30 days after we receive your notice. You will be required to pay the applicable monthly charge for your O2 Mobile Broadband tariff until the end of this 30 day notice period.
  4. If we increase the monthly price of your O2 Mobile Broadband contract we will provide 30 days advance written notice of the change. In these circumstances if you have an 18 month minimum term O2 Mobile Broadband contract you may end your O2 Mobile Broadband contract with us provided you give us a minimum of 30 days written notice and provided you notify us within one month of our telling you about the price changes. Any existing O2 Pay Monthly Mobile airtime contract you have with us will not be affected.
  5. You may not switch your mobile broadband tariff to another mobile broadband tariff during your minimum term unless we agree otherwise. This clause supersedes any contradictory term in the O2 Pay Monthly airtime agreement. Please contact us via customer services is you wish to discuss changing your mobile broadband tariff.
  6. A maximum of 4 O2 Mobile Broadband connections is allowed per person.
  7. If applicable, O2 Mobile Broadband upgrades are not available until the end of any existing minimum term contract and are subject to signing a new minimum term contract.
  8. You can monitor your data usage through the Connection Manager software. Data usage can be displayed by calendar month that may not match your billing period so it should be used for guidance only.
  9. We'll keep you up to date about the amount of UK data you use. You'll get a text when you've used 80%, then 100% of your allowance. If your device or software can't receive texts, we won't be able to update you.
  10. Unused data cannot be carried forward one month to the next on any tariffs. Existing customers transferring tariffs will lose any accrued rollover allowance. Data usage is measured in kilobytes (KB). 1MB = 1024 Kilobytes (KB), 1024 MB = 1 Gigabyte (GB).
  11. Your chosen tariff includes a specified monthly data allowance which can be increased by the purchase of Bolt Ons of extra data. If you exceed this monthly allowance (without purchasing extra data) or breach these terms, we reserve the right to:

    • impose network protection controls which may reduce your speed;
    • remove the Wi-Fi access from your account;
    • impose further charges; and/or
    • disconnect your sim card at any time, having attempted to contact you first.
  12. You must provide a current email address and any other information that we reasonably request from you to maintain your account and you must ensure that this information is valid, up to date and accurate. You must tell us immediately if you become aware of any improper disclosure of your security information or unauthorised use of the O2 Mobile Broadband services through your account.
  13. Text Messages sent from the Connection Manager software will be charged at our standard rate for text messages. See for SMS pricing.
  14. For customers receiving a paper bill, itemised billing is available at 99p per month. For customers taking an online tariff, itemised billing is available online at no additional charge
  15. The prices shown do not incorporate data roaming rates. Usage whilst roaming will incur additional third party network operator's charges and these charges may be significant.
  16. General O2 Mobile Broadband terms apply to O2 Mobile Broadband Pay Monthly.