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Terms & conditions

O2 Business Broadband Installer Software End User Licence Agreement Terms & Conditions

Read this agreement carefully before opening or installing this software

This end user licence is for the following software:

  1. O2 Broadband installer, which gets O2 Broadband up and running and on request installs McAfee Security for O2 Broadband on your computer.
  2. O2 Broadband assistant, which checks for and fixes problems with your internet connection and O2 email; and
  3. O2 Broadband remote help, which (if you give permission) enables an O2 Customer Service Advisor to take over your computer remotely to try and fix any problems

The Software includes all copies of the Software you are accessing, installing, using, downloading, copying, or otherwise benefiting from, and any updates, modified versions, upgrades, Updates (as defined below), additions, and copies of the Software, or documentation accessed, installed, used, downloaded, copied or benefited from by you in any format, including but not limited to, in the format of a temporary plug-in, and all technical documentation provided to you related to the Software (the "Documentation").

The Software contains certain computer programs, documentation, or other proprietary material that belong to Telefónica UK Limited ("O2")or its suppliers and your use of the Software is subject to this legally binding software licence agreement between you the user and O2 ("Agreement").

If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, click the "Decline" button, and do not install or use the Software.

When you click on the "Accept" button or when you otherwise install or use any part of the Software, you are consenting to being bound by, and becoming a party to, this agreement which includes limitations on use; transferability, warranty, and liability.

If you do not accept the terms and conditions in this agreement, O2 does not authorise you to use or have any licence to any part of the Software. In addition, by installing, copying or otherwise using any updates to the Software that you receive ('Updates, you agree to be bound by any additional licence terms that accompany such Updates. If you do not agree to the additional licence terms that accompany such Updates, you may not install, copy or use such Updates.

In the event you, or someone on your behalf, have executed a written agreement with O2 regarding the use of the Software, then your use of the Software is subject to such written agreement to the extent such written agreement differs from this agreement.