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Tablets are similar to computers, but more compact and portable. They have a touchscreen display and are larger than a phone but smaller than a laptop. Tablets offer features similar to smartphones, such as browsing the internet and running apps, while providing a larger screen for enhanced productivity and entertainment.

Looking for laptops? Check out some of our incredible laptop deals.

This depends on your overall needs and requirements as a student.

If you're after something to help you unleash your creativity, opt for something with a larger screen and a more powerful processor, such as iPad Pro. If you’re searching for an Android, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

On a budget? No problem. The Galaxy A Series tablets or Lenovo tablets are a budget friendly way to get all your studying done without breaking the bank. If you prefer working on the go or studying from a local coffee shop, iPad mini is conveniently portable and slots right into your bag.

A good overall option would be a tablet that has a good-sized display, runs the latest software and isn't too bulky. Check out iPad Air.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A9
Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus

Shop O2 Samsung Galaxy tablets. There are even Pay Monthly options to help you spread the cost.

Yes, some do. We have a range of Pay Monthly tablets that have cellular connectivity. Whether you want to study from a coffee shop, or continue watching your favourite film on the go, you can stay connected with our speedy network.

Yes, you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience on a tablet. From casual mobile games to more graphically demanding titles, many tablets offer powerful processors and graphics capabilities, providing a next-level gaming experience.

We have a range of tablet cases, compatible pencils and other smart accessories to pair with your tablet. Shop tablet accessories.

Absolutely. When browsing tablets, you can compare up to four devices at once, so you can choose the best one for you.

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