Capture the moment as you see it, with the Sony Xperia L3's dual rear cameras. It's got a fingerprint scanner to keep your content secure. And it's built to last, with a screen made from Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

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    • Camera

      13MP+2MP camera

    • Battery life

      Talk time: Up to 24.8 hours

    • Weight

      Weighs 156g

    • Screen size

      5.7 inch screen

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    • 5.7 inch HD+ screen

    • Fingerprint scanner on the side

    • Dual cameras with bokeh effect

    • Made with Corning Gorilla Glass 5

    • See features

      Bring movies to life

      Having a duvet day? Let the cinema come to you. The Xperia L3 has a 5.7 inch 18:9 screen, so it’s ideal for watching movies and TV. And its HD+ resolution brings out clear details and realistic colours. So you’ll feel totally immersed in the action.

      Stay secure

      You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked. So don’t leave your phone vulnerable either. The Xperia L3 has a fingerprint scanner, so you can be sure that your photos and passwords are for your eyes only. And it’s mounted on the side of the phone, so you won’t leave smudgy fingerprints on the camera or the screen when you use it.

      Get creative with a dual camera

      Better photos make better memories. Capture the moment as you see it, with the Xperia L3. It’s got 13MP+2MP dual rear cameras, so you can take crystal clear photos. And your selfie game will be on point, with an 8MP front camera. Feeling creative? Try the bokeh effect, to give your images a professional look.

      Built to last

      A cracked screen can ruin your day. But you don’t have to worry about your Xperia L3. It’s made with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, so it’s tough enough to survive your busy schedule. And it won’t cut out while you’re catching up with a friend or beating your high score. It’s got a 3300mAh battery, with talk time of up to 24 hours.


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