Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1

'Perfect for leisure use! I bought this item, not even a month a go, and it's perfect for a typical on-the-go tablet. Great size too.' - katieprajna (Jun 2018)

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Existing Customers

To pair your watch, you'll need an iPhone 6 or newer, and an O2 Pay Monthly tariff.

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New Customers

Before you can get your watch, you'll need to buy an iPhone 6 or newer, with an O2 Pay Monthly tariff. Once you've done that, come back and you can add your watch.

Before you can get your watch, you'll need to buy an iPhone 6 or newer, with an O2 Pay Monthly tariff. Once you've done that, come back and you can add your watch.


  • Safe, fun content for kids

  • Upload your favourite songs

  • Screen automatically adjusts in low light

  • 4G ready to keep you online

  • See features

    Plans as individual as you are

    We're putting you in control of your tablet plan. So you can choose how much you pay upfront, how much data you need, and how long you want to pay off your tablet for. Choose anywhere between 3 and 36 months – the total cost of your device will be the same. Changed your mind? No problem. You can flex your data allowance up and down, once a month. And if you fancy upgrading, just pay off your Device Plan at any time and choose a new tablet. Find out more.

    Keep the kids entertained

    Make peaceful car journeys a reality with Kids Mode 4.0. It's an app that keeps the kids entertained, with games, kids' camera and 3D characters. And the content isn't just fun and free – it's safe as well. You can set limits on how long they play and even manage what content they're getting onto. So you can keep your eyes on the road without worrying about what the kids are getting up to in the back.

    Take your music anywhere

    With Google Play Music, you can upload your music and listen to it anywhere. So it's perfect for when you want to get in the mood for a night out, need to make a playlist for you next party, or just fancy showing off your great taste in music. And you can get access to thousands of songs to stream on demand.

    Use it in any light

    The Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1 helps you look after your eyes, with its anti-glare screen. It automatically adjusts the screen brightness in low light, so you don't have to squint or strain when you're using it outside.

    Stay connected on the move

    The Galaxy Tab A 2016 10.1 is as mobile as you are. It's 4G enabled, so you can watch movies on the train, check your emails on the go or let the kids play games while you're waiting for your flight. And you don't have to worry about running out of power either. It comes with a powerful 7,300 mAh battery, to give you up to 12 hours of video playback.


Custom plans

RPI: Each year your Airtime Plan will be adjusted by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation. Find out more at

Direct purchases only. Pay the cash price for your device or spread the cost over 3 to 36 months (excludes dongles). The cost of your Device will be the same however long you choose. A minimum upfront cost may apply. You need a monthly rolling Airtime Plan for the length of your Device Plan. Pay off your Device Plan at any time without charge. You can then keep on your Airtime Plan, upgrade, or leave. 

UK calls/texts to standard UK landlines and mobiles and when roaming in our Europe Zone. Fair Usage policy applies. Special and out of bundle numbers chargeable. 4G phone required to access 4G. 4G available in selected areas. 

Change your airtime tariff after 30 days and then once every billing month during your minimum contract period, choosing from a selected family of tariffs. Some tariff extras are only available on the starting tariff, are not transferable, and may be lost if you change to an ineligible tariff. Devices are subject to availability.

0% APR. Finance subject to status and credit checks, 18+, Direct Debit. Credit provided by Telefónica UK Ltd, SL1 4DX. Terms apply, see


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