Samsung Galaxy Note 4

'Up to now, it works perfectly well. Good apps storage, anything concerning documents can be sto red in it. ' - CLAUDIA (February 2016)

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You will need to purchase an iPhone 6 or above on an O2 Pay monthly tariff before you can add a watch. Once purchased, you can come right back and add the watch you like.


  • See more on the 5.7 inch WQHD display

  • 16 megapixel camera with advanced digital zoom

  • Take and edit notes with improved S Pen

  • Make clearer calls with noise suppression

  • See features

    See even more detail on the WQHD display

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 uses a 5.7 inch WQHD touchscreen display, giving you a clear picture to make the most of browsing and streaming. And with four times more pixels than standard HD, you can see your favourite entertainment like never before.

    Get closer to the action with advanced digital zoom

    Never miss a moment with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4's 16 megapixel camera, featuring advanced digital zoom. The Note 4 produces clear pictures, even in poor light. And with optimised image stabilisation, you won't end up with blurry pictures, even if you haven't got a steady hand. Use the 3.7 megapixel front camera, for better group pictures with your friends and family.

    Better note taking with an improved S Pen

    Get to grips with the new S Pen, making it even easier to take notes and write on the Note 4. It's just like using a pen and paper. With Smart Select you can use the S Pen to drag, select and hover over content. And with Photo Note, you can take photos and instantly convert text and images into separate objects, so you can edit the notes, change colours and add additional memos. Plus you can scan and edit documents while you're on the move.

    Hearing you loud and clear

    Make a call without any distractions. With noise suppression and adaptive volume control, you'll be able to make a call without being disturbed by background noises, even when you're on speakerphone. And the enhanced voice recorder has one setting for individual interviews or conversations, and a different setting for meetings with a larger group.

    Charge your battery quicker than before

    The Galaxy Note 4 uses adaptive fast charging, so even when you do run out of battery, you'll be back up and running in no time at all. In just 30 minutes you can charge your Note 4 by 50%. And with Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can keep your Note going for longer.


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