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Apple Watch is available to O2 Pay Monthly customers with an iPhone Xs or newer.

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New Customers

Before you can get your Watch, you'll need to choose from our range of Pay Monthly iPhones. Once you've done that, come back and add your Watch.

Before you can get your Watch, you'll need to choose from our range of Pay Monthly iPhones. Once you've done that, come back and add your Watch.

galaxy buds2

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galaxy buds2

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galaxy buds2

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What are the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 specifications? Collapsed link

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 have it all. Dynamic 2-way speakers produce powerful bass to clear high notes with ease - so you can experience music the way you're meant to. The Buds2 features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) with up to 98% active noise reduction so you can listen to your favourite songs, podcasts, and more without any background noise.

Three integrated microphones with a built-in voice pickup function also help ensure you'll always be heard loud and clear when you're making calls - whether you're sat at home, or out and about. You can even switch between your different Galaxy devices easier than ever before with Auto Switch.

Buds2 are Samsung's lightest earbuds yet - weighing only 5g each. These are earbuds not to be missed.

Where can I find the best Samsung Galaxy Buds2 deals? Collapsed link

You can view all our pre-built Pay Monthly plans at O2 here, or you can build your own plan. Whether you'd like to pay everything upfront, or spread the cost over a few months with 0% interest, we have options to suit everyone.

Which colours do the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 come in? Collapsed link

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 are available in four colours: White, Lavender, Olive, and Graphite.

Are Samsung Galaxy Buds2 waterproof? Collapsed link

The Galaxy Buds2 have an IPX2 water resistance rating meaning it can resist drops of water falling on it for a short period of time. However, it is not waterproof.

What are the Galaxy Buds2 battery life? Collapsed link

The Galaxy Buds2 have a battery life of up to 5 hours (with Active Noise Cancellation turned on). A fully charged case gives the Buds2 a further 15 hours of battery life.

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