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Samsung logo
Samsung logo

Galaxy Buds FE

  • icon of fully charged battery with 2 thunders encapsulated.
    battery life
  • icon of soundwave getting cut due to active noise cancellation.
    Active Noise
  • icon of the earbud placed inside the ear
    Snug fit & easy
    touch controls
Woman in train station waiting the train wearing the earbuds and checking her phone. Woman in train station waiting the train wearing the earbuds and checking her phone.

Less noise,
clear sound

Sounwave icon Sounwave icon Woman in train station waiting the train wearing the earbuds and checking her phone. Woman in train station waiting the train wearing the earbuds and checking her phone.
Image of two earbuds and 2 lines showcasing grid & touch areas. Image of two earbuds and 2 lines showcasing grid & touch areas.

Block out noise and stay immersed in your playlist

Active Noise Cancellation with a simple tap, reduces unwanted background sounds, so there is nothing to distract you. And the new speaker provides rich bass that’ll make your favourite tracks sound even better than before.

A photo of a single earbud placed in ear encapsulated by soundwaves

Let in outside sound when you need to, without removing your buds

With Ambient Noise, you can control how much you want to hear, so there’s no need to take your buds out when you want hear important sounds around you.

A photo of a single earbud on top of a synthwave with 3 icons underneath it of wind , bus and waves

Three microphones ensure your voice is delivered with precision

Main Mic, Sub Mic and Inner Mic all work in harmony to accurately capture your voice, so your words reach the other end loud and clear.

Sounwave icon Sounwave icon Image of a person wearing the earbud Image of a person wearing the earbud

Everyday comfort. Long-lasting battery

Galaxy Buds FE fit snugly in your ears all day long

Whatever size and shape your ears, you can listen comfortably hour after hour with the new wing-tip design, keeping your buds securely in place during the most intense activities.

Image of Galaxy buds FE in their case open and on left side another image displaying battery icon up to 21hours and ANC On

Enough battery power to listen all day

With a case that charges your buds, you can enjoy up to 21 hours of play time, without reaching for the charger cable.1

Image of Galaxy bud with water droplets on it Image of trasparent clouds

Splash resistant for whatever your day brings

With IPX2 water resistance, you don't need to worry about removing your buds if you get caught in the rain. 2

Connect, switch & personalise seamlessly

Start listening straight away

Easy pairing and seamlessly switch from streaming to calls and back again with Auto Switch. 3

Image of a photo with a woman in display smiling wearing a black dress and a yellow shirt, and next to it a phone with the display upside down and the earbuds case open with 1 earbud outside of it above the lying phone.

Tune your Buds to your taste

Straight from your Galaxy Device in no time with the Samsung Wearable App.4

Image of a phone which shows the galaxy buds application open and the equalizer on display and has Dynamic setting selected and in front of the phone 2 galaxy FE buds.
SmartThings icon.

SmartThings Find

Image of a pinned location for the earbuds.

Get notified when you leave your Buds behind

Even when you're offline with SmartThings Find.3

Galaxy Buds Features

Galaxy Buds FE, Buds2 and Buds2 Pro models all have:
Active Noise Cancelling
Block out background noise
Ambient Sound
Control how much you hear
Crystal clear Calls
Supress surrounding sounds for all
Comfortable Fit
Easy touch controls
Seamless Connection
Auto switch3


  1. Galaxy Buds FE (Black colour)

    Buds FE

  2. Galaxy Z Flip4 photo (Olive colour)


  3. Galaxy Z Flip5 phone photo (Bora Purple colour)

    Buds2 Pro


Speaker Type

1 Way
2 Way
Enchanced 2 Way

Voice Pickup

Automatic Voice Detection

24-bit Audio5

Hear sound as it was intended

360 Audio6

Immersive audio experience

Play Time7

Up to 6hrs | 21hrs (with case)
Up to 5hrs | 20hrs (with case)
Up to 5hrs | 18hrs (with case)

(Front & Back)

Up to 3.5hrs | 13hrs (with case)
Up to 3.5hrs | 13hrs (with case)
Up to 3.5hrs | 14hrs (with case)


Wired & Wireless8


Splash resistant2
Water resistant (1m for 30min)9

1. Battery life is based on usage of music and calls with Bluetooth and ANC turned off and always-on mic turned off. Total play time is up to 6h without case/ 21h with case (ANC On) and up to 8.5h without case / 30h with case (ANC Off).
2. IPX2. Not advised for beach & pool use. Charging case is not water resistant.
3. Compatible Galaxy device required – Smartphone or Tablet with Android 8.0 or above. Devices must be registered to a Samsung account.
4. Android smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0 or above required.
5. 24-bit audio support may vary depending on the application.
6.360 Audio available only on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with Android One UI version 3.1 or later.
7. Battery life is based on usage of music or calls with Bluetooth and ANC turned on. And always-on mic turned off. 8. Wireless charger sold separately.
9. IPX7. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach & pool use. Charging case is not water resistant.


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When was the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE release date? Collapsed link

Samsung Buds FE were announced on 2nd September 2023, and they were released on the 12th October, 2023. Available to buy now at O2.

What are the Galaxy Buds FE specs? Collapsed link

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE. Delivering ultra-clear sound for you to enjoy the best of tv, films and music everywhere you go. Packed with a TWS Speaker (6.96 x 6.0 x 6.0mm) for incredible audio.


Stay on the go for longer with up to 6 hours of seamless, undisrupted performance with Buds FE. Plus, the Buds FE charging case carries a huge 21 hours of charge for multiple boosts between charges.


Lightweight and super sleek, Buds FE dimensions come in at: 19.2 x 17.1 x 22.2mm, weighing 5.4g. The Buds FE charging case measures: 50 x 50 x 27.7mm, weighing just 44.9g. The ultimate sound companion, Buds FE are compact and small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.

What are the Samsung Buds FE colours? Collapsed link

Get ready to bring a sophisticated look with Galaxy Buds FE. You can choose from 2 classic finishes: Graphite and White.

What do you get in the box with Samsung FE Buds? Collapsed link

Find everything youl need to get started with Samsung FE Buds straight out of the box. Along with your Samsung earbuds, you'll receive: a Charging Case, Quick Start Guide and a USB-C Cable. Plus, find Samsung Galaxy Buds FE tip sizes in 2 styles, including: Eartips and Wingtips.

Are the wireless Galaxy FE Buds waterproof? Collapsed link

In short, no. However, Galaxy Buds FE have a water resistance rating of IPX2, which means they'll be protected from brief exposure to light rainfall or drops from splashes. We recommend keeping your Buds FE safe from heavier water exposure to avoid any damage.

How long does Samsung Buds FE battery last? Collapsed link

Listen, watch, play on your favourite devices all day with the long-lasting Buds FE battery life. With a 60mAh battery, these Samsung earbuds deliver up to 6 hours of crisp high quality sound on a single charge. And, the Buds FE case packs a huge 505mAh battery with up to 21 hours locked away for when your buds need a top-up between charges. Samsung Buds FE are wireless charging compatible, getting you back into your playlists with ease and speed.

What is the wireless Galaxy FE Buds price? Collapsed link

Shop all of our best wireless Samsung earbuds deals right here at O2. Find great offers for Galaxy Buds FE, as well as our full range of Samsung accessories.

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