Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle

Microsoft Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle

Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle
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Forge your path through the corrupt lands of Sanctuary. Slay ceaseless demons in immersive, action-packed combat. Join fellow adventurers, retake besieged towns and delve into nightmarish dungeons. All on the fastest, most powerful Xbox yet.

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12 teraflops of raw graphic processing power

1 TB custom SSD

Lightning-fast load times

Hyper-realistic 4K

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The Xbox Series X was released on 10 November, 2020.

Xbox Series X is the fastest, most powerful Xbox yet. Featuring 4K Ultra HD resolution, 8K High Dynamic Range, running up to 120 FPS, Series X promises lightning-fast speeds with impeccable detail.Microsoft also debut the all-new Xbox Velocity Architecture; improving loading times, higher resolutions, and stable frame rates delivering dramatic improvements in power and speed.Series X features 12 teraflops of processing power, hardware-accelerated Direct X Raytracing, Dolby Vision and Dolby True HD with Atmos, and 1TB of internal storage for a seamless gaming experience.Xbox Series X. Power your dreams.

Xbox Series X has 1TB of SSD internal storage. You can expand this with separate expansion cards up to 2TB.

The Xbox Series X has a height of 30.1cm (11,85"), width of 15.1cm (5.94"), and a depth of 15.1cm (5.94").

Yes, Xbox Series X has a disc compartment. However, it can play digitally downloaded games as well. Xbox Series S doesn't have a disc drive - being entirely digital.

Yes, Xbox Series X has backwards compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games. Enjoy thousands of favourites across four generations of Xbox.

Xbox Series X and Series S have a few differences:Series X has 1TB of SSD internal storage. Series S has 512GB.Series X has 12 terraflops of processing power. Series S has 4 terraflops.Series X runs at 4K resolution. Series S runs at 1440p.Series X can play physical game discs. Series S is entirely digital.

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