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Like New – sim free phones

Want more flexibility? Get a phone without a sim

Second hand phones you can be sure of. With or without a sim.

Looking for your next phone? Check out our second hand, Like New phones.

Already got a sim? That's fine too. You can get a Like New phone without a sim, so you can just pop yours in and you're ready to go.

If you don't have a sim yet, you can get one with your Like New phone. Take a look at our recommended Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go sims on this page.

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Big Bundles

Top up the right amount for your chosen bundle, each month, and we'll exchange your credit for minutes, texts and data.

There's no contract with Big Bundles. They last for a month, renewing automatically on the same day each month, as long as you've got enough credit to cover the payment. If you haven’t, you'll be charged at our standard rates till your credit runs out. And you'll get your bundle allowance back when you top up enough credit again.

Don’t lose your data if you don’t use it. On all of our Pay As You Go Big Bundle tariffs, you can roll over your unused data into next month’s bundle. Subject to data caps. Terms apply

Charges outside your allowance

Big Bundles
Top Up 4444 Free
Tariffs and Bolt Ons 2202 Free
Landlines 35p/min
O2 mobiles 35p/min
Other network mobiles 35p/min
Text message 15p per message
Picture message 45p per message
Data £3/MB up to max £1/day
Voicemail 901 35p per call
O2 Customer Service (4445) Free from O2 mobile
O2 Customer Service (0344 809 0222) As landline
International calls and texts from UK See o2.co.uk/international
Using your phone when abroad See o2.co.uk/abroad
Premium rate numbers See o2.co.uk/premium
05, 08 and 07 service numbers including calls and texts to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man mobiles See o2.co.uk/servicenumbers
O2 Directories 118402 £1.50/min
Video calls 50p/min
Free calls See o2.co.uk/free
Access charge for service numbers See o2.co.uk/servicenumbers

Pay Monthly sim

Airtime plan example
Airtime Plan, today to March 2018 Airtime Plan, April 2018 to March 2019 Airtime Plan, April 2019 to March 2020
£ Today's price £ Today's price +RPI% (announced in February 2018 (Price A)) Price A +RPI% (announced in February 2019)

Tariff information

The minutes and texts included in your tariff can be used in the UK and when roaming in our Europe Zone. Inclusive minutes can be used for calls to standard landlines and mobiles, but not special numbers (see below for more details).

From 16 August 2018, we're making changes to the cost of sending picture messages, calling abroad and sending texts abroad for Pay Monthly customers. Picture messages (MMS) will cost 55p instead of 50p.

Call charges outside your allowance
Voice calls1 55p/min
Video calls 50p/min
Text message2 15p per message
Picture message (MMS) 55p per message
Voicemail 9013 35p/min
Browsing4 Up to max £1/day
O2customer services5 Free from your O2 mobile
O2 Directories 1184026 £1.50/min (minimum charge £1.50)
1200 Trafficline™ 45p
International calls and texts See o2.co.uk/international
Roaming calls, texts and data See o2.co.uk/abroad
Premium Rate numbers See o2.co.uk/premium
Calls to 05, 08 and 07 special numbers including calls and texts to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man landline or mobiles See http://www.o2.co.uk/help/everything-else/special-numbers
Free calls see http://www.o2.co.uk/help/everything-else/special-numbers

1. Voice calls

Applies to calls made in in the UK and when roaming in our Europe Zone to standard landlines and mobiles. Minute minimum charges apply

2. Text message

Tariffs include unlimited texts. Text messages are charged at 15p per message thereafter

3. Voicemail

Calls to your voicemail are included in your bundled minutes, then 55p per minute thereafter. Except on the unlimited minute tariffs when voicemail is free.

4. Browsing

UK and Europe Zone data usage only. Data used while outside of our Europe Zone is not included. Applies if a data bundle Bolt On is not chosen.

5. Calls to customer services

Calls from a non-O2 mobile phone are charged at your providers' rates.

6. O2 Directory Enquiries

Calls to 118402 only. For calls to other 118 numbers see http://www.o2.co.uk/help/everything-else/special-numbers