• Camera

    5 megapixel camera

  • Weight

    Weighs 279g

  • Screen size

    8 inch screen

  • Battery

    4080 mAh battery

The Alcatel 3T 8 is perfect for busy families, with Google Assistant to organise your day and Kids Mode to keep the little ones safe. And it's one of the lightest eight inch tablets you can get, so it's great for when you're on the move.

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    • Use Google Lens and Google Assistant

    • Stay in control with Kids Mode

    • Take snaps from any angle

    • Sleek, lightweight and portable

    • See features

      Get the best of Google

      Search what you see, with Google Lens. It's a feature on the Alcatel 3T 8 that lets you point your camera towards something and get more details or take action on your tablet. So you can copy and paste recipes or wifi passwords, look up a dish from a menu, or find out more about an event by snapping a flyer. And Google Assistant can help your day run more smoothly. Simply ask Google to type out a message for you, make a dinner reservation or set reminders for meetings. So you can spend less time on chores and more time on the stuff that matters.

      Keep the kids entertained

      No need to hover around when your kids are on the tablet. The Alcatel 3T 8 lets you stay in control, even if you're in another room or relaxing in the garden. That's because it comes with Kids Mode, giving your little ones a safe environment to learn and play in. You can choose the apps you want them to have access to, so they won't see anything they shouldn't. And set time limits to make sure they're not spending too long on the tablet. There's even Eye Care mode to relieve eye strain. So you can hand it over and put your feet up, without the worry.

      Say cheese

      Whether you're taking pictures of the view on holiday, or gathering round for a family selfie, you can do it all on the Alcatel 3T 8. It's got front and rear cameras, so you can snap away from any angle. Then view your photos on the eight inch screen.

      Use it anywhere

      You don't stay in one place all the time. Why should your tablet? The Alcatel T3 8 is one of the lightest eight inch tablets you can get, and it's just 8.2mm thick. So you can take it anywhere, without getting weighed down. It's reliable too, with a long-lasting battery life and Android Oreo Go operating system. And it's 4G ready, so just connect it to our network to get online on the go.


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