Samsung Galaxy Buds

Go wireless and take your music anywhere, with Galaxy Buds. They deliver crisp, clear sound by AKG, so you can get the most from your playlists. And they're designed for comfort, so you can wear them all day.

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  • Wireless earphone design

  • Stunning sound by AKG

  • Designed for comfort

  • Charging case for powering up on the go

  • See features

    Go wireless

    Simplify your day with Galaxy Buds. They’re wireless, so you won’t have to scramble around for the audio jack every time you want to listen to your music. And it means you can pop your earbuds into your pocket or bag, without worrying about tangled cables. They’re easy to use too. Just connect them to your phone, smartwatch or tablet over Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

    Tune into high-quality sound

    Your curated playlists deserve the best. Galaxy Buds deliver clear, high-quality sound by AKG, so your music will sound better than ever. Just pop them in and they’re ready to work in an instant. Need to listen out for announcements at the airport or train station? Switch to Ambient Mode with a tap, and you’ll be able to hear what’s going on around you.

    Wear them all day

    Need to stay entertained on a long journey? Then it’s important for your earbuds to be comfortable. Galaxy Buds are designed to be soft but strong, and they form to the shape of your ear. They’ll keep going for up to six hours – and if you’re on the move, you can power up through the charging case for another seven hours of battery life.

    What’s in the box?

    Earbuds (L/R)
    Charging case
    Three sets of wingtips
    USB C cable
    Quick start guide


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