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Q. Can I send a text to more than one person?

Yes, you can send one message to up to five different mobile phone numbers using our new Group Send functionality. Simply separate numbers or people from your address book with semi-colons (;) or commas. This is useful if you want to send details to a group of mates about where you're meeting that night, for example. On a group send, your quota will be deducted by the total number of messages multiplied by number of recipients.

Q. Can I send a text message to an international mobile number?

No. You can only use SendTXT to send a text message to a UK mobile number.

Q. Why can I send much longer text messages than previously?

Now you can combine up to three text messages into one extra length message, making it easier for you to write longer messages. So if you write a longer message, you may actually use up to three of your text quota, and the recipient will receive them as up to three separate text messages. Also, if you send a message from your paid quota, even more characters are made available for you to use as no advertisements will be attached. The counter below the message box will always indicate character length and the number of text messages you are using.