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Mobile solutions

We're more mobile than ever, both as consumers and as workers. At O2, we'll help you make sense of consumerisation, removing the risk and hassle from mobile solutions. Connect people at any time, from anywhere, with solutions that are quick to set up and easy to manage.

Unified communications

There are so many ways to communicate. Voice, one-number services, fixed-mobile integration. We'll help you bring them all together to get all of the benefits, but none of the complexity.


Our networks are trusted to keep digital Britain connected and running effectively. We support 24 million customers and 450,000 businesses – providing a secure and reliable experience that they, and you, can depend on.


We'll help you define and implement the best possible security defences for your organisation in today's digital world. And as part of the Telefónica group, we're also able to provide you with access to global capabilities built on the latest technology innovations.


Our machine-to-machine capability connects you to your assets. From applications like fleet vehicle tracking, to smart metering for homes and buildings, we help you to cut costs and drive up efficiencies. Industry analysts recognise us as leaders in m2m. So we can help you with consultancy and provide support around m2m-based deployments.

Cloud solutions

We can provide you with high performance cloud solutions, designed for even the most demanding businesses, workloads or applications. From virtual data centres to cloud-based servers, we work with the industry-leading technology partners to deliver the right service for you. With the international support you need, as part of Telefónica.

Consumer engagement

How well do you really know your customers? We can help you find out. We'll help you get fresh new insights into what your customers and communities are doing. What they like. Where and when they use your services. How they prefer to engage with you. Then you can improve their experience with you and make them more loyal. To grow your business.

Small to medium business?

If you're looking for services for smaller businesses, you can find them here.