Seven expert tips for perspective pictures

Find a new way to see the world

Standout shots comes from exploring your surroundings. Start with your OnePlus 6 settings.

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Time to get creative 

Whatever angle you’re shooting from, finding a unique perspective is all about experimentation and imagination. There’s no one magic button to make all this happen – but there are some handy OnePlus 6 settings and features that can help turn your photos into something truly special. 


1. Electro-level meter

To keep things on the level, watch for the electro-level meter in Pro Mode. The line will turn green when your picture is level to the horizon, meaning no more wonky photos. 




Simply go into Pro Mode and it’ll come up automatically.



2. Find the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a way to create beautiful compositions, like the ones you’d find in The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. On the OnePlus 6, it’s about using a grid system to help you lay out your picture. For landscapes, place the horizon on one of the horizontal lines, then put points of interest where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements.




Go into Settings, tap on Grid and then choose the Golden Ratio option.


3. Switch focus

Pro Mode has presets like portrait and landscape, but sometimes you might want to use portrait features when you’re shooting landscapes. For example, you might want to focus on something in the foreground of your perspective picture while you let the background blur out a little. Use the focus wheel to find the perfect compromise between presets.




In Pro Mode, tap on the square in the top right and the focus wheel will pop up, so you can adjust to your heart’s content.


4. Back up pictures

The OnePlus 6’s Dual Photo feature means that another slightly different version of every picture you take is saved in your gallery. When you’re trying to get the perfect angle shot, it’s great to have lots of options to choose from.




Simply toggle the switch for Save normal photo in settings.


5. Separate focal point and exposure point

Most cameras will take their cues about lighting the picture (exposure) from what you’re focussing on. But what if you have lots of points of interest in your picture? By separating your focal point and exposure point, you get more control over the lighting, and you can keep the focus where you want it.


In Pro Mode, tap on the screen and you’ll see an exposure point and a focal point. Long press on focal point and then drag it around until you find that sweet spot.


6. Capture Raw images

It used to be difficult to capture a breath-taking landscape on a digital camera because files tend to be saved in a low-quality format. But the OnePlus 6 lets you capture much higher quality Raw files, and you can edit them later.




Go to Pro Mode and tap on the Raw icon.


7. Save custom presets

Playing with manual options in Pro Mode can create some unique images – but remembering exactly how you had your camera settings for that perfect sunset moment can be a head scratcher. The OnePlus 6 lets you save two custom presets in Pro Mode. So the next time you’re in similar conditions, your camera will be good to go.




In Pro Mode, tap on the C button in the lower left corner. Then adjust picture settings and tap on the save button.

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