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Seven tips to help you stay connected anywhere

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Your phone is more than just a phone

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people get their phone out when they’re alone? Or that 12% of people would describe their phone as “an extra limb”? It’s not surprising, really. After all, staying connected when we’re on the go is a huge part of modern life.

But what about those times you struggle to get online or make calls? How do you keep in touch when you’re on the train, low on data or on holiday? Well, we’ve got all sorts of tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you. Scroll down to find out how to stay connected, wherever you are.

How to get connected anywhere

Free wifi

Find out where to get fast, free wifi

Handy apps

Make calls with no signal or speak to friends abroad

Mobile broadband

See our range of devices to get you connected anywhere

1. Stay connected on the bus, train or Tube

Going on a day trip or travelling for work? You might be able to send emails, check your social media or catch up with the news on the way. You can get free wifi on all Grand Central and Hull Trains services, and on some routes with Chiltern Railways, Great Western Railway and ScotRail. Check the National Rail Website to find out who offers what. There are plenty of bus providers around who offer wifi too. Arriva, First Bus and Stagecoach all have wifi on some of their services. Check with the bus company in advance if you’re not sure. And if you’re on the move on London, don’t forget that you can connect for free on the London Underground. Find out how to get online in three easy steps.

2. Get online in shops and cafes

Even if you’re running low on data, you can still get onto the internet when you’re out shopping or having a coffee. And it won’t cost you a thing. Just have a look at our hotspot finder to check which shops, restaurants and cafes near you have O2 Wifi – think Costa, McDonalds, Debenhams and more. You can connect for free, even if you’re not on O2. You’ll just have to register first. The best bit? It’s up to 10 times faster than a normal mobile connection, so you can share memes and watch cat videos to your heart’s content.

3. No signal? You can still make calls

If you’re having problems with your signal, you could still make calls with Wifi Calling. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll be able to make and receive calls wherever you have wifi or 4G. You won’t be charged any extra for using it either – your calls are included as part of your usual tariff allowance, and out-of-tariff calls are charged at your standard rate. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to be using a compatible device. Find out how to set up Wifi and 4G Calling.

4. Check coverage beforehand

If you’re going somewhere new, it’s a good idea to check the network coverage in that area. We’ve got an online tool that can help you. So if you’re worried about coverage, you can download TU Go before you get there, so you can stay in touch over wifi.

5. Calling abroad?

It can be hard to keep in touch with friends or relatives living abroad. One great way to chat to your friends abroad (kind of) face-to-face is Skype. As long as the other person has a Skype account and is connected to the internet too, you can video call them for as long as you want, for free. Or if you need to chat without an internet connection, get an International Sim. You’ll be able to make UK calls to mobiles and landlines abroad, from just 1p per minute. And there aren’t any hidden fees, like connection charges. Find out which countries you can call with an International Sim.

6. Keep in touch when you’re on holiday

Sometimes a postcard doesn’t quite cut it. If you’d rather post your holiday snaps on Facebook or chat over WhatsApp, you’re going to need more than a stamp. Before you set off, make sure you’ve downloaded WiFox. It’s an app with an interactive map showing airport wifi passwords around the world. Many hotels and rentals now provide free wifi too. It’s much more common to offer free wifi in some countries than others though, so it’s a good idea to check before you set off. And if you want to make calls, send texts and use data when you’re abroad, make sure you’ve got the O2 Travel Bolt On. It’s the perfect way to stay connected while you’re on holiday, without worrying about overspending. Find out more about getting online abroad.

7. Get online on your tablet or laptop

We can help keep you connected when you’re moving house, in the car, or just working on the go. It’s all about mobile broadband. We’ve got all sorts of devices you can use to create a wifi hotspot or connect your laptop or tablet when you’re out and about. Want to know more? Take a look at our breakdown of all the different mobile broadband devices you can get.

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