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The four driving test changes

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The four driving test changes

About to throw off those plates and hit the road as a licensed driver? In 2017, the DVSA introduced four changes to the practical driving test, to make it more like everyday driving. Here’s what’s changed.

1. Double time

The DVSA carried out a survey on improvements to the test. They found that 88% of respondents wanted the independent driving element to be longer. Now it is. It’s been increased from ten minutes to 20, so you’ll get more chance to show off your driving skills. It encourages instructors to hand the reins over a little more when you’re practising too. 

2. Make a right

These days, we often rely on smartphones and satnavs for directions. So you’ll be tested on your ability to follow satnav instructions. The examiner provides the device and sets the route. Just remember that there’s a one in five chance you’ll be asked to navigate using good old-fashioned road signs.

3. Reversing reversal

The ‘reversing round a corner’ manoeuvre has been bugging learner drivers for years – ask your parents. The DVSA has listened. Instead, you’ll be asked to perform one of three more relevant moves. You’ll need to parallel park, park in a parking bay, or reverse two car lengths along the right hand kerb, then rejoin the traffic.

4. Show and tell

You’ll be asked two safety related questions while you’re driving. One deals with pre-driving checks – for example, how to check the tyre tread. The other asks you to demonstrate an action in the car, like how to demist the windscreen.

The new measures are designed to prepare you for life behind the wheel. Now you just need to pass your test, get covered, swap the L for a P, and hit the road. We know you’ve got this.

If you’re a young or new driver, O2 Drive Box on Board could help you feel more confident and save you money too. The app gives you handy tips and lets you keep track of your driver score. And the telematics device sends us data that could get you a discount on your policy when you renew.

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