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Road trip playlists

O2 Drive

Road trip playlists for every adventure

When you get behind the wheel, you’re not just in control of a car – you’re in control of the tunes. It’s on you to find the right soundtrack to get your friends, family or significant other in the mood for your trip. Scroll down to find a playlist for every occasion.

Day trip

These warm, upbeat tunes will get you going without peaking too soon.

  • Butter: Sun-soaked and smooth R’n’B and hip-hop.
  • Good times: Great Oldies: Classic rock, pop and folk.
  • Driving Commute: Dull name, but an impressive mix of rock, alternative and electro.

Night out

Heading out to blow off some steam? Try some big beats or sing-along anthems.

  • RapCaviar: Contemporary rap and hip-hop.
  • The Birth of Cool: Iconic indie rock.
  • Road Trip Sing-Along Songs: Bet you won’t stay quiet for long.

Holiday mood

Longer trips are perfect for trying new tunes. Something fresh to match the change of scene.

  • New Music Friday: A mix of new releases from big artists.
  • Pitchfork’s Best New Music: America’s alt-music barometer shares its favourite new tracks.
  • Coastal Drive: A smart mix of happy tunes you might not hear on the radio.

Background beats

Fan of up-tempo music? You might find some new favourites in these playlists.

  • Total Dedication: Video game soundtracks.
  • Pump Up Songs: Genre-spanning classics.
  • Electronic Concentration: A rhythmic, if slightly odd, mix.

Want to see how music affects your driving? The O2 Drive app lets you see what factors impact you behind the wheel – so you can see if those tunes woke you up, tired you out or just plain distracted you.