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Is black box insurance right for you?

You've probably heard that black box or telematics insurance can save you money. Whether it does or not is all down to you. That’s because the box records your driving behaviour using GPS, so what you save is linked to what you do on the road. A black box policy is a great idea for certain types of drivers – scroll down to find out if you’re one of them. 

You're young or inexperienced

Car insurance for young drivers can be expensive. That’s because they’re statistically more likely to get into a prang. Telematics helps to even the playing field by showing your insurer statistics about you. If you're a safe driver, they might drop your premium.

You mostly use your car during the day

According to RoSPA, driving at night can be dangerous because of reduced visibility and the danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. In fact, the risk of a fatal crash is three times higher at night, according to National Safety Council research. Your black box will take note of when you use your car most. If you mainly drive in daylight, it's a great choice. If you often finish work in the early hours, it might not be.

You're a stickler for the rules

Keeping to the speed limit and taking corners gently tells the black box you're a good driver. If you're safer to insure, you could benefit from better premiums in the future. But you might get a nasty shock if you have a heavy right foot and can't resist the temptation to speed along country roads.

You use safer roads

Some roads are safer than others – you can find the worst ones using the Road Crash Index. Country roads are usually the most dangerous, as they're narrow, winding and have a high speed limit. Motorways and suburban streets are generally your best bet. 

With O2 Drive Box on Board, you get all the benefits of telematics insurance, plus special perks throughout the year. And our box offers you handy hints and tips to improve your driving – so you're more likely to land a discount when you renew.