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How to diffuse road rage

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How to keep calm and diffuse road rage

Impatient drivers and frustrated commuters are just a fact of life. When you're new on the road, it's easy to let them knock the wind out of your sails. After all, you're still building your confidence behind the wheel. If you do come across some form of road rage, here's how to take the situation off the boil.

Just ignore them

Keep your eyes on the road and avoid eye contact. Engaging might encourage them to try and provoke you. So let them burn out their rage in their own car.

Let them pass

You don't want angry drivers anywhere near you, so pull to the side or slow down enough to let them pass. If you do decide to stop, make sure your windows are shut and the doors locked, just in case.

Don't try to teach them any lessons

You've just passed your test, so the Highway Code is fresh in your mind. But being safe is better than getting the last word. Even if you know you're in the right, don't try to assert yourself.

Be the bigger person

If you raise your voice, the situation is more likely to escalate. Respond calmly and quietly, and the driver with road rage is more likely to calm down. If you're struggling to keep a cool head, take some deep breaths.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

If the other driver starts following you or tries to confront you in person once you stop, it's best to contact the police. They handle situations like this every day – and it's amazing what the threat of a criminal charge can do.

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