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How does a black box work?

You've probably noticed that car insurance for young drivers can be pretty pricey. Seem unfair? It's because figures show young and inexperienced drivers are more likely to get into an accident, so they’re riskier to insure. Insurance companies base their quotes on driver profiles, so even the safest new drivers can be tarred with the same brush. 

One way you could get a cheaper policy is by choosing telematics insurance. Here's the lowdown on what a black box does, why it works and how it could save you money.

What does a black box do?

A black box is fitted to your car, so it builds a profile of you as a driver. This means your insurer doesn't need to rely on broad statistics. It records your speed, the distance you’ve travelled and the time of day you're most likely to drive. It even pays attention to the way you brake and tackle corners, as well as the types of road you use. All this information is sent to your insurance company.

Why is this important?

This data helps your insurance company understand how safe it is to insure you. They get real-time updates on how you drive. So when it's time to renew your policy, you might get a reduced price. 

How can I lower my premium with a black box?

Stick to safer roads. You can find the worst ones using the Road Crash Index. Try to avoid the temptation to go on long rambling road trips, and keep your night-time driving to a minimum. Statistically, you'll be less likely to get into an accident. So you could see a reduction in the price of your insurance when the time comes for renewal. 

If you're a young or inexperienced driver, you could save money by choosing O2 Drive Box on Board. Our black box doesn't just record your data – it could help improve your driving too, with hints and tips through the O2 Drive app.