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The five worst driving habits

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Five bad driving habits you don't want to develop

Experienced drivers aren’t necessarily the best. Yes, they have the advantage of years behind the wheel. But some tend to develop lazy or annoying habits. Straight from driving lessons, you’re up to speed on the right way to do things. Just watch out for these common bad habits that can creep in.

1. Middle lane hogging

Motorway lanes were designed to keep traffic flowing by letting drivers overtake each other. Drivers who stay in the middle lane ruin the whole system and can actually be penalised for causing congestion. It can also cause drivers behind to risk undertaking.

2. Rushing at junctions

Some people drive at junctions as if they’re storming a castle. There’s no need to attack junctions and brake at the last moment. In fact, it’ll wear down your brake pads. Glide up, slowly and elegantly – it's more economical because you'll use less fuel.

3. Forgetting to signal

Indicators are there for a reason. It’s hard to second guess where another driver's going and 'mirror-signal-manoeuvre' should become a lifetime habit.

4. Tailgating

An intimidating and dangerous habit. If the lead car brakes, the chances of a rear-end collision are high and the tailgater is often found to be at fault. Remember your instructor’s three second rule when you’re behind another vehicle.

If you’re tailgated, don’t feel pressured into putting your foot down. Look for a safe place to pull over, use your indicator to give plenty of notice, and let them pass you.

5. Dazzling drivers

Driving feels like the definition of multi-tasking – how many tasks require you to operate machinery with your feet? Sometimes dimming your full beam might seem like one thing too many. But if you've ever been dazzled by an oncoming car, you'll know how important it is to dip your lights and switch to headlights if you’re behind another vehicle.

Keeping up your good driving habits can save you money. If you’re a new driver, O2 Drive Box on Board gives you handy tips and lets you keep track of your driver score. The device fitted to your car sends data that could give you a discount on your policy when you renew it.