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Ditch the distractions: block calls and text alerts on the road

You know it's illegal to use your phone while driving. That's old news. But did you know police can also stop you if they think you’re distracted? Even a glance can be harmful, so hands-free solutions aren’t always the answer. Find out how to silence calls and texts instead. It could improve your attention and response times, so you feel more confident on the road.

Blocking notifications on your iPhone

Apple’s iOS 11 has a built-in 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature. Once you’ve activated it, the screen stays dark and people who text get an auto reply saying you’re driving. 

To switch the feature on, go to:

  • Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls
  • Tap the ‘+’ next to 'Do Not Disturb While Driving'

To customise its features, go to:

  • Settings > Do Not Disturb

Blocking notifications on your Android phone

There’s no single solution with Android phones. But on the latest Android operating system, you can set up the basics by switching on 'Do Not Disturb'. Simply:

  • Swipe down to open the shade panel
  • Click the ‘Do Not Disturb’ button (it’s highlighted when active)

You can tweak the settings in:

  • Settings > Sounds & Notifications > 'Do Not Disturb'

Blocking notifications with an app

If you don’t want to mess around with your phone settings, try using an app instead:

  • Safely Go – this one blocks most apps, silences alerts, sends auto replies and whitelists ‘VIP contacts’.
  • In-Traffic Reply – the app automatically replies to all messages, including on social media, and has lots of custom options.
  • Android Auto – it’s designed to simplify in-car comms, rather than stop them. But it does automatically activate 'Do Not Disturb' mode.

To see the difference you could make by ditching the distractions, take a look at O2 Drive Box on Board car insurance. A device is fitted to your car and it collects information about your driving. Then you can view your info in the O2 Drive app. We’ve even thrown in some extra treats to reward you with.