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O2 Family Plan details

With our Family Plan, you get up to 50% off Airtime Plans on eligible O2 Refresh tariffs.

Add one Family Plan connection to get 20% off the Airtime Plan. Add a second to get 30% off. Add a third to get 40% off. Add a fourth, fifth or more to get 50% off each of those Airtime Plans. You can add up to 20 connections to your Family Plan.

Check Family Plan eligibility

Use our eligibility checklist to see if you can claim this offer.

  • You or someone living in the same house already has an eligible Pay Monthly mobile or mobile broadband O2 Refresh tariff. This will be the lead account.
  • You or your family take out a new eligible O2 Refresh contract. You can see if it's eligible by checking the promotional material or asking a sales advisor. Some promotional or discount tariffs are excluded, so check before you buy (see offer details).
  • To qualify, eligible contracts must be registered to the same address as the lead account, whether it's in your name or someone else in your family.
  • The Family Plan offer can't be used with any other discount. 
How to claim the Family Plan offer
  • Visit our online shop or an O2 store to choose a brand new phone or tablet on an eligible O2 Refresh tariff (exclusions apply).
  • Text LOYALTY to 21500 from your new device, within the first 28 days of taking out the new contract. We'll text back asking for a bit more information. Just follow the instructions. You’ll need the lead account’s mobile number or mobile broadband number, and any numbers you want to add to the Family Plan.

We'll do some checks and text the lead account within three working days, to confirm if the new device has been added to your Family Plan.

When will the discount be applied?

Once a new line has been successfully connected to your Family Plan, the discount will appear on your next monthly bill. 

Family Plan exclusions
  • The offer only applies to the Family Plan connections, not the lead account. 
  • Out-of-bundle and premium-rate charges are excluded. The discount is a percentage of the Airtime Plan only.
  • Business and Pay As You Go tariffs, and any connections bought through a third party, are not eligible. If a Family Plan connection moves to an ineligible tariff it may be disqualified from the offer. 
  • Standard tariffs, sharer plans, sim only and any O2 Refresh tariff that already has a discount applied, are not eligible for the discount. They will however count towards the discount calculation if you or your family later want to add another eligible O2 Refresh connection.
  • The Family Plan discount can’t be used with the three months free airtime offer on iPad and tablets, or the six months free airtime on dongles and hotspots. However, these connections will still count towards your discount calculation.
How long will the discount last?

The discount is applied to the Family Plan connection for a maximum of 24 months or until the connection ends or changes, whichever happens first. If you or your family upgrade a connection to an eligible tariff, the lead account will need to apply to add the new connection to the Family Plan, by texting LOYALTY to 21500.

What happens if the lead account disconnects?

If the lead account disconnects, then the Family Plan can’t continue. We may remove the discount from existing Family Plan connections and we won’t be able to add any new connections.

How many Family Plan connections can I add?

Up to 20 max.

Why has the request been rejected?

A request could have been rejected for a number of reasons:
•    The application has been placed more than 28 days after the Family Plan connection has been taken out.
•    You might have given us the wrong phone number. Check the digits and try again.
•    You might have requested the discount on your lead device, rather than the new Family Plan connection. The discount doesn’t apply to the lead account.
•    The address on the Family Plan connections doesn’t match the address on the lead account.
•    There is already a discount being applied to the connection.

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