Mobile devices and tablets

Helping choose what’s right for you

Not all businesses are the same

With 7 out of 10 businesses saying mobile is good for business, choosing the device or tablet for your exact requirements is key to unlocking cost and productivity benefits. Sometimes that could just be sticking with what you have but upgrading some of the apps and software, or it might mean moving over to the latest smartphone or tablet. If you deploy new devices, make sure you trade in your old kit with O2 Recycle. And feel confident your devices are retired sustainably and securely.

We work with organisations across the private and public sectors to identify what they're looking to achieve before we make any recommendations. That could be the environment the devices are expected to operate in, the different levels of data access individuals and teams might require, or how you manage confidential information. Once that's done, we can then suggest the device that's right for you, and then handle the rollout and ongoing management of your mobile estate. And we're the only provider that offers customers the Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) that has a next-day swap-out replacement service for in-warranty devices.

With our 4G network set to achieve 98% UK coverage by 2017, becoming a mobile business has never been easier.

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