O2 Smart Vehicle

Real-time visibility of your fleet

More ways to take control

O2 Smart Vehicle helps fleet managers and leasing companies to save costs, improve productivity and increase revenues.

Using a simple plug and play device that attaches to any vehicle’s diagnostics port, O2 Smart Vehicle gives you real-time visibility of all your fleet.

Just imagine how much time and effort you’d save if you had instant access to vehicle locations, driving styles, mileage, fuel levels, fault codes and more. Across your whole fleet.

You could easily make sure all your servicing schedules were up to date. Get alerted and react fast if a vehicle was involved in an accident. Plan routes that helped your drivers use less fuel and pack more into their day. Keep tabs on residual vehicle values based on precise mileage. All with zero driver involvement

Choose from two options: O2 Smart Tracking, which includes access to the UK’s largest database of reverse-engineered manufacturer diagnostic codes, and the entry-level O2 Track and Go.

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