O2 Smart Compliance

Real-time transparency of operations and compliance

More informed decision-making

O2 Smart Compliance helps passenger services organisations, retailers, leisure and services businesses to maintain safer, more transparent and compliant environments.

With regular hand-held devices connected to the cloud via cellular or wifi networks, O2 Smart Compliance users simply tag sensors to call up a list of tasks onscreen, then select the data they need. The result?

  • A breakthrough in transparency.
  • Your business gains clear visibility of field-based processes and operations.
  • Your field-based and operations teams can get more done more every day.
  • You'll create safer environments for your staff and the public – because you'll be able to react faster to prevent risks and neutralise hazards.

More streamlined operations

O2 Smart Compliance is a great way to ramp up productivity and efficiency – especially if your operations workforce is mainly paper-based right now.

You'll save time by replacing clipboards and forms with tags, automated beacons and smart devices. Electronic data is faster, easier and cheaper to store and manage than physical documents. And if customers or regulators demand evidence that you're maintaining compliance, you can generate reports with ease in a few clicks.

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