IoT Cellular WAN

Network connections for remote or temporary sites

Connect fast

Need a secure and reliable local area network connection – but don’t have time to wait for a fixed line installation? Or perhaps you just want a temporary connection?

Get what you need from O2 Cellular WAN – in just five days. It is:

  • More convenient: it’s preconfigured and works straight out of the box
  • More secure and reliable: giving safer access to your back office systems
  • More manageable: via the cloud, with less hassle for your IT teams 
  • More flexible: with a choice of data, hardware and payment plans.

If your network is ever unavailable, O2 Cellular WAN easily connects via other UK operators to keep your people online. It’s also a perfect backup for your fixed-line connection.

Work in retail?
Keep your point-of-sale, inventory and other business-critical systems working even if your primary line goes down. Or get the perfect short-term connection for your pop-up stall. See how Waitrose use O2 Cellular WAN.

Work in construction and engineering?
Connect your construction or other temporary sites – where a fixed line may not be practical. Use our rugged hardware to stay online even in tough conditions.

Work in transportation?
Get primary connectivity for your remote logistics hubs, and temporary connectivity for new depots.

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