Consumer engagement

Keep your finger on their pulse

How well do you really know your customers?

We can help you find out. We'll help you uncover fresh, new insights so that you can:

  • Improve customer engagement: Target them with the right message, in the right place, at the right time
  • Gain market share: Stand out from the competition by exceeding customer expectations and improving customer service

Our offer includes:

  • Messaging Services: A fast, engaging and cost-effective way to communicate using a range of digital messaging formats: SMS, MMS, voice or in-app. Find out more about our solutions in Messaging Services
  • 4G-enabled technology: The latest devices to help you give a better service to your customers
  • O2 Wifi: Keep your customers engaged with free easy internet access when they're visiting you. Read more in O2 Wifi
  • Mobile data insights: Tools such as O2 Wifi Insights and Smart Steps will indicate fresh, new ways in which you can strengthen your relationship with your customers. Read more in Mobile data insights
  • Priority: Incentivise your people and your customers with the biggest digital loyalty programme in the UK. Find out more in O2 Priority
  • Mobile ads and payments: A micropayment solution that enables customers to pay for digital goods quickly and easily. Read more in Mobile ads & payment

It's something we have to understand too – with our 450 shops and more than 24 million customers.