Experiential retail

Attract and engage customers

Experiential retail is about using digital solutions, within and beyond the four walls of your store, to attract, understand and engage with customers. Making it easy for customers to receive a personalised experience. So they become more loyal.

But the store of the future will empower employees as well as customers. And happy employees can make happy customers. Which means satisfaction and sales will grow.

46% of retailers think they're delivering digital well. But three quarters of customers disagree.

So why choose O2?

  • Specialists. Our retail practice is full of people who understand your industry
  • First-hand experience. We're a retailer ourselves with 450 stores and 24 million customers
  • Experts in innovation. We're known for our agility, flexibility and creativity
  • Tried and tested. We already deliver these solutions for leading retailers, including Waitrose

The Experiential Retail journey