Our leadership team

Meet the people behind everything we do

  • Katy Liddell

    Katy Liddell

    Managing Director of Enterprise and Public Sector Business

    Katy leads the teams responsible for Enterprise, Public Sector and Multinational customer satisfaction, guided by a simple three-step formula: focus on customer needs, empower people, and grow business – for both the customer and O2. Make the first two a priority and the last comes naturally.

    When we give our customers the right tools, training and support to make the most of digital ways of working, they can do anything. Even in this digital age, it’s still about people.
  • John Acton

    John Acton

    Head of UK Enterprise Sales

    John leads the Enterprise Business unit with a simple approach: customer engagement will always be central to O2’s business-to-business strategy. Do it right, and we can help our customers deliver more for their own people and customers.

    I run the unit that provides end-to-end support for O2’s enterprise customers in the UK. That means a lot of hard work. But when it comes to developing partnerships that help our customers embrace digital ways of working and deliver innovation for more sustainable success, I’m all in.
  • Matt Spencer

    Matt Spencer

    Head of Public Sector Business

    Matt leads the teams responsible for Public Sector sales, delivering high quality solutions that span mobile voice and data through to security solutions and applications. Focussing on putting the customer at the heart to ensure we offer technology that helps the public sector empower their people and digitally transform the way they deliver their services.

    Across our public sector team we’re serious about delivering great outcomes for our customers. Whether that’s creating two hours per day extra for a police officer on the beat, or deploying applications which help more citizens to transact digitally, we’re passionate about helping to transform public sector delivery.
  • Anna Holness

    Anna Holness

    Head of Multinationals & Partner Channel

    Anna works with Telefonica to help global customers explore how digital innovation can help their businesses ‘do business’. Based on years of varied cross-vertical experience, she has a keen understanding of the ways how local differences can create global complexity for multinational organisations. And with the help of her expert team, she does everything she can to ensure that technology opens up new opportunities, not new challenges.

    I’ve always enjoyed working with our multinational customers to understand the unique, market-specific challenges they’re up against and how we can best help them. Then to see our solutions make work easier, better and more enjoyable, it’s incredibly rewarding.
  • Lesley Heaney

    Lesley Heaney

    Head of Business Services

    Lesley manages the contact centre that supports our enterprise customers, ensuring we deliver the tailored service they expect and deserve – on time, every time. And as service capabilities evolve in our digital world, there’s a well-worn truth Lesley and her teams will always live by: one solution never fits all. Embrace the complexity.

    Step into change. It’s going to happen either way, so make sure it doesn’t just happen to you. Get involved and help shape the outcome for the better.