Data Allowances

O2’s business data propositions provide a generous allowance of data each month, which is reset on your bill day. To make the process easy for you, you will receive messages from us when you have used 80% of your monthly allowance, and again at 100%. We’ll put your bill day in the text messages too so you will know how long your data allowance needs to last until it is reset.

If you’ve changed tariffs to one with a new data allowance, you may need to switch your mobile off and on to ensure all your data services are enabled.

Need more

If you need extra data you will need to contact your account decision maker or your Account Manager.

How will my service be affected if I use all my monthly data allowance?

Contracts with restricted data will receive slower speeds until your allowance is reset on your next bill day. This may restrict some of the services you use. We will lift the restriction on your bill day.

Contracts with unrestricted data will be charged at the agreed per Mb rate for any additional usage.

What can I typically get within my bundle allowance?

Usage will vary from person to person, but our 500MB bundle is plenty for the majority of our customers.

  500MB 1GB
Email no attachment 500,000 1 million
Either / or
Email with photo attachment 1,000 2,000
Either / or
Basic Web Page 5,000 10,000
Either / or
Rich Web Page 1,500 3,000
Either / or
Music track download (low quality) 50 100
Either / or
Music track download (high quality) 12 25
Either / or
YouTube video (4.5mins) 60 120

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is an alternative wireless network. You can connect to different types of network. At home, via your broadband router, where charges for data are included in your broadband package. Private Wi-Fi – offered by many providers e.g. hotels, served stations, train networks. Access to these often has to be purchased using a voucher or credit card.