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As your business changes, we change with you.

We’re here to help your business flex

We understand that things can change very quickly in business. 

When you don’t know what the future holds, you need to be as flexible as possible. So, at O2, our tariffs and digital tools flex with your needs. That’s why 84% of the customers asked, recommend us.*

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Greater flexibility options tailored to your needs

Choice of contract length

We offer a choice of contract lengths from 30 days to 36 months. Giving you the freedom your business needs.

Data Rollover

No business can afford to waste data it doesn't use, so we automatically roll over your unused data to the next month.

Flexible tariffs

Need to change your data allowance? No problem. We’ve made our business tariffs flexible, so you can flex your data up or down, plus change your tariff once every billing cycle.

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We’re here to help your business.

Existing customers

See how we can help your business flex

Things change in business, but we’re here to help. Watch the videos below to find out how.

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More about how we can help your business flex

Flexible contract lengths

No business is the same, so we give you a choice of different contract lengths from 30 days to 3 years.​ Once your business phone contract has started, you won’t be able to change your contract length.


Check our FAQs on flexible contract lengths

Data Rollover

Data Rollover If you find you haven’t used all your data one month, don’t worry. It won’t go to waste as we let you roll it over to the next month and will always get used first. With Data Rollover, you’ve got the flex to make your data work for you, in the quieter months and the busy ones.

Available on selected tariffs, your data will roll over for one month. If you don’t use your rolled-over data by the end of the billing month it’s rolled into, it’ll expire. If that happens, don’t worry, as you won’t have used any of your regular monthly allowance, which itself will then roll over.


Read our Data Rollover FAQs


Flexible tariffs

Picking the right tariff for your business isn’t always straightforward. Thankfully on O2, we’ve made our business data tariffs flexible so they can work around you. If you find you’re using your data faster or slower one month, you can flex your allowance up or down. You can change your tariff 30 days after your contract starts, then once every billing cycle.


Take a look at our flexible tariffs FAQs

*YouGov, Dec 2020. 179/212 (84%) O2 business customers
Data Rollover: For new or upgrading customers only. Available on selected tariffs of 6GB of data or above, excluding 2GB triple data, 3GB double data and unlimited data tariffs. Up to 100% of unused data from standard monthly data allowance can be rolled over into the following month. Eligible data rolls over for one month only. Any data that cannot be rolled over will expire. Any unused data will not rollover if you decide to change to an alternative tariff. 
Flexible Tariffs: For new and upgrading customers only. For Small Biz tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type that has either a lower, higher or the same amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. For Small Biz Sim Only, Small Biz Data Only and Mobile Broadband Sim Only tariffs, tariff can be changed to a non-promotional tariff of the same type with either the same or a higher amount of data as tariff selected at commencement. A change in tariff can be made 30 days from the date of connection or upgrade, each billing month.