Tony Fresko gets a digital makeover

O2 Business and the UK’s most hi-tech ice cream van

The challenge

The Surrey-based Tony Fresko ice cream business includes 20 ice cream vans, and as well as day-to-day ice cream selling, the vans are available for hire at weddings, fairs and corporate events. Staff only had their personal mobile phones to communicate with HQ and with a high turnover of staff, it was difficult to manage and communicate with them.

For bookings, Fleet Manager Andy Newland used a paper-based system (many drivers didn't have smartphones), and organised his team's work rotas via text message. And while the Tony Fresko office had access to broadband and a few PCs, there were no business tablets or smartphones for employees to use on the go.

The solution

O2 Business provided Tony Fresko with a 'digital makeover' to show how technology could help the business work faster, smarter and more productively. We performed a digital assessment of the company and recommended some ways of making it more efficient. We then provided a bespoke suite of new technology including 4G-enabled smartphones, tablets and Microsoft Office 365 cloud software.

Twitter advertising credits helped the firm promote itself locally on a platform it had used only sparingly in the past, and emails were migrated to Microsoft Outlook enabling Andy to manage both his and his drivers' diaries more efficiently. Finally, with O2 Labs, we created an ice cream van tracker app for Tony Fresko which locals can download for free on their Android devices. This app links to Google Maps and shows customers where their nearest Tony Fresko van is.

As an added benefit, Andy can also use this app to check his drivers are on course and arriving at the correct destinations.

The benefits

  • Andy is now able to take more bookings because he can access both his and his team's diaries on the go. The team can also respond to customer enquiries in real time, improving customer service
  • Drivers can communicate more easily as they can access emails and schedules through their smartphones
  • Andy has become more productive as he can now use Microsoft Office 365 to work remotely on his tablet during quiet periods
  • Drivers have less delays as they can now access Google Maps on their mobile devices and don’t have to rely on printed maps
  • Local residents are now more aware of the business because they can download the app to search for their nearest Tony Fresko van

21st Century ice cream van uses technology to beat the competition