O2 Just Call Me

O2 Just Call Me will no longer available to new customers from 8th June 2021, however the service will continue to work for existing users. We have alternatives that will provide our Business customers with an improved conferencing experience, and you can find out about more about these using the options below:
If you are a Small business with up to 10 employees you can:

If you are a Medium businesses with over 10 employees you should contact your account manager.

About O2 Just Call Me

What's O2 Just Call Me?

With O2 Just Call Me you can host and manage conference calls on your mobile phone and more than one person can call your mobile number at the same time.

Do other users also need the O2 Just Call Me app to join the call?

No, only the host needs to have the O2 Just Call Me product. When other people dial the host’s number at the time scheduled for the call, they automatically enter the conference.

Can I use O2 Just Call Me from a landline?

Yes, just make sure that you have pre-scheduled your call. At the time of your call, dial your mobile number from the landline. Do not press ‘1’ when prompted, instead press ‘#’ followed by your 4 digit pin located in the settings section of the app.

Can I be on another ‘voice’ call while hosting a conference in O2 Just Call Me?

Yes. Participants can dial into a call that the host has set up, whilst the host is on another call. The host doesn't need to activate the call for people to join.

Is there a time limit to the length of a call?

No, calls can run for as long as the host needs them to. The host can leave the call and the remaining participants can continue on the call. And if the host joins late, the participants can start without the host.

Can I control the conference as a host?


You can use the app to mute, muffle and remove participants, as well as locking and unlocking the call.

What happens if I go over the 5,000 minute fair usage limit?

We'll get in touch to let you know. Depending on the circumstances you may not be able to use the service for the rest of the month.

Are there any O2 products/tariffs that O2 Just Call Me isn’t compatible with?

Currently O2 Just Call Me doesn’t work with Mobex, Wifi and 4G Calling and Mobile Recording.

Can I host a conference call without a data connection?


The host just needs to dial 321 on their phone and a bridge will be initiated. Not having a data connection doesn’t impact the conference bridge and will only prevent hosts from using the in app controls.


Can I use JCM abroad and what are the costs?

O2 JCM works abroad in exactly the same way, however in some countries you may need to dial your mobile number instead of ‘321’ to join as a host. Using JCM abroad will incur standard roaming charges.

How does a customer activate the new International dial-in function?

The international dial-in numbers are provided when customers are set up. For future reference they are also listed below under 'What are the international dial-in numbers for the participants joining from abroad?'

How does a customer activate the new All-hands function?

Via their Account Manager or if they don't have an account manager, via Business Customer Services on 0800 028 0202

Where can I find a list of countries and low cost dial in numbers for participants to join a call from abroad?

Ireland  - Dublin +353766805349 
Germany – Berlin +4932221095501
Spain – Madrid +34919017400
Netherlands – Amsterdam +31858888715 
Belgium – Brussels +3223202400 
Switzerland – Bern +41315282500 
France – Paris +33186657700 
USA – Washington +12404064400 

How much does All Hands cost?

For a host to add All-Hands, there are additional costs depending on the number of participants expected on the call.  All Hands costs are:

Number of Participants Price per month
100 £150
200 £300
500 £750
750 £938
1000 £1250
1250 £1300
1500 £1875
1750 £1750
2000 £2000
3000 £3000
4000 £4000

Using O2 Just Call Me

If users need to set up back to back conferencing, how do they stop participants joining the wrong call?

JCM will automatically route the caller to the right call, depending on the time they dial the host.

Can I schedule reoccurring calls?


Just invite calendar@justcallme.o2.co.uk to your email calendar appointment and choose how often you want the calls to happen.

Can I pre-schedule a call?


You can schedule calls within the app, through your email calendar and by dialling 321. See instructions within the app or read the user guide.

Can I run back-to-back conference calls?


Pre-scheduled calls will automatically appear in the In conference screen and as host you can switch between the calls by pressing Switch

What happens if I’m running back-to-back calls and a late participant joins the wrong call?

You can drag and drop participants on the screen and move them from one call to another. See the user guide.

If I'm running back-to-back calls and I’ve invited participants to both calls, can they move from one call to another?


They can’t move between calls, but as a host you can ‘pinch’ and merge two active calls together into a single conference.

Just press on both, and pull them together. To see how it's done, read the user guide.

Can I dial another participant into my call?

Not through the app itself, but you can make a normal outbound call from your phone and merge the calls together.

How do I set up an invite via Outlook?

You need to have access to your email calendar from your device. Invite calendar@justcallme.o2.co.uk as an invitee to any meeting and it will automatically synchronise with your app. The app will display all scheduled calls.

How do I get rid of someone who shouldn’t be on the call?

Simply swipe their number or name to the left and select ‘delete’ or ‘x’ to remove them.

How do callers join the conference?

When the participants dial in, they are greeted by a message asking the them to ‘press 1 if they are an invitee to join the conference, or hold to be transferred to the host’s voicemail’. If the host has locked the conference, the participants will need to be accepted from the waiting room, otherwise they will be diverted to voicemail.


If the host removes someone by accident, can they be added back on to a call?

Yes. The participant just needs to dial back in. And the host needs to make sure the conference is unlocked, so when the participant dials back in, they will be able to rejoin the call.

What happens if no-one joins the conference call?

The call will run for 15 minutes and then end if no one joins. The customer's number will then work as normal.

If the host locks the call, what happens to incoming calls?

The host can accept or reject participants whilst the conference call is locked. The host will hear a ‘knock’ when someone is in the waiting room. Rejected inbound calls are diverted to voicemail.

I've got no data connection, do I have any control of my calls?

Yes, but you might not be able to do everything. 

As host you can use the soft keys on your keypad to announce participants on the call and to lock and unlock the call. To find out about soft keys, see the user guide.

How can I report a problem or a fault?

You can talk to an O2 Guru online.

Or you can call our customer support team on 0800 028 0202.

I’ve downloaded the O2 Just Call Me app but the service isn’t working.

The service needs to be added as a subscription to your mobile tariff before you can start using it. Contact customer services on 0800 028 0202.

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