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O2 Just Call Me

O2 Just Call Me gives you easy-to-use conference calling on the move with just your mobile number. No dial-in numbers, no pin, no hassle.

Easy to use conference calling from your mobile with O2 Just Call Me

About O2 Just Call Me

What's O2 Just Call Me?

Add O2 Just Call Me to your account so you can host and manage conference calls on your mobile phone and more than one person can call your mobile number at the same time.

Do other users also need the O2 Just Call Me app to join the call?

No, only you need to have O2 Just Call Me to host a conference call. When people call you at the time you’ve agreed they'll dial straight into your call and you can approve whether or not they can join.

Can I use O2 Just Call Me from a landline?

Yes, if you're using the service from a landline, just dial your phone number, press # and enter your host code.

You can get your 'host code' from settings screen in your My O2 Just Call Me app.

Can I be on another ‘voice’ call while hosting a conference in O2 Just Call Me?


Both calls can run at the same time and you can switch between the two.

Is there a time limit to the length of a call?

No, calls can run as long as you need them to.

Can I control the conference as a host?


You can use the app to mute, muffle and remove participants, as well as locking and unlocking the call.

What happens if I go over the 5,000 minute fair usage limit?

We'll get in touch to let you know. Depending on the circumstances you may not be able to use the service for the rest of the month.

Is O2 Just Call Me compatible with other business apps from O2?


O2 Just Call Me will work with almost all other business apps from O2 except TU Go. If you already have TU Go, you’ll need to uninstall it before you can use O2 Just Call Me.

Can I host a conference call without a data connection?


You can host a conference, but you'll need a data connection to control elements like muting or removing a participant. If you try to use your app when you have no data connection you'll see an alert saying that the app won’t work fully until you're connected to a data network with 3G, 4G or wifi.

Can I use O2 Just Call Me when I’m roaming?


In most countries you just need to dial 321 like normal. But in some countries you’ll need to dial your full mobile number instead. Roaming calls are charged at your standard tariff rate.

Using O2 Just Call Me

Why is the O2 Just Call Me app saying I’ve already got a call at that time?

You have to leave at least 15 minutes between calls, or they could clash.

Can I schedule reoccurring calls?


Just invite to your email calendar appointment and choose how often you want the calls to happen.

Can I pre-schedule a call?


You can schedule calls within the app, through your email calendar and by dialling 321. See instructions within the app or read the user guide.

Can I run back-to-back conference calls?


Pre-scheduled calls will automatically appear in the In conference screen and as host you can switch between the calls by pressing Switch

What happens if I’m running back-to-back calls and a late participant joins the wrong call?

You can drag and drop participants on the screen and move them from one call to another. See the user guide.

If I'm running back-to-back calls and I’ve invited participants to both calls, can they move from one call to another?


They can’t move between calls, but as a host you can ‘pinch’ and merge two active calls together into a single conference.

Just press on both, and pull them together. To see how it's done, read the user guide.

Can I dial another participant into my call?

Not through the app itself, but you can make a normal outbound call from your phone and merge the calls together.


If I remove someone by accident or they get cut off can they be added back into a call?


All they need to do is redial the host number to rejoin the call.

What happens if no-one joins the conference call?

The call will run for 15 minutes and then end if no one joins. Your number will then work as normal so people can call you again.

What happens if I’ve locked the call and a participant is joining late?

A ‘Waiting room’ will appear on your ‘In conference’ screen asking you to accept or reject the participant. As host you'll also hear a knocking sound from your phone as a prompt that someone is waiting to join the call.

I've got no data connection, do I have any control of my calls?

Yes, but you might not be able to do everything. 

As host you can use the soft keys on your keypad to announce participants on the call and to lock and unlock the call. To find out about soft keys, see the user guide.

How can I report a problem or a fault?

You cantalk to an O2 Guru online.

Or you can call our customer support team on 0800 028 0202.

I’ve downloaded the O2 Just Call Me app but the service isn’t working.

The service needs to be added as a subscription to your mobile tariff before you can start using it.  Visit the online shop to subscribe.  Or contact customer services on 0800 028 0202.

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