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Evernote is the workspace for your life's work, on every device you use. You can make notes, share notes and set reminders, all online and on all your devices, for you and your team.

About Evernote

What is Evernote Premium?

It’s a note-taking app that lets you make notes on your device and save them online so you can share and collaborate with others. Wherever you are, whatever device you’re using, Evernote Premium can help you stay organised, save ideas and improve productivity, whether you're at your desk, in a meeting or on the train.

Am I eligible for Evernote Premium?

Evernote Premium is no longer available free to O2 Business customers. You can still get standard Evernote for free or subscribe to Evernote Premium direct from Evernote.

If you don’t want Evernote Premium any longer, don’t do anything. You’ll be automatically downgraded to the free version. If you want to keep Evernote Premium you can go through the standard subscription process and pay by credit or debit card.

Are there any additional data charges?

More than with any other app you use. If you make use of offline notebooks (as a Premium user), you'll use less data.

What security is there for Evernote?

You can put a passcode lock on your notebooks so no one sees your data.

Evernote Premium offers two-step verification (also known as two-factor authentication) which keeps your account secure even if someone learns your password. You'll be asked for a 6-digit verification code (by text) when you’re asked to provide your username and password – much safer than password alone.

Setting up Evernote

How do I sign into and use Evernote?

Sign up is simple, just create or sign in to your account.

Using Evernote

Why is Evernote Premium better than the free version?
  • The increased data storage means you don’t have to worry about running out of space
  • Offline notebooks mean you can work on your notes anytime, regardless of data connection
  • You can keep better track of your notes – PDFs and handwritten notes are searchable (with handwriting recognition)
  • It has higher security


Who can I contact for support with Evernote?

If you have any service enquiries, you can ask Evernote direct. As a Premium user, you’re guaranteed an answer within 48 hours.

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