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O2 Just Call Me

Just use your mobile number for conference calls

Get together with O2 Just Call Me

No need for dial-in numbers or pin codes. O2 Just Call Me takes the hassle out of setting up conference calls. Just download the app, set the date and time and invite people. You can arrange as many conference calls as you need.

Planning to have a larger audience? Try our all-hands conferencing option.

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Under 10 employees

Call us at0800 028 0202

10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

Call us at0800 955 5590

Why choose O2 Just Call Me?

Fix your costs

There’s no need for premium rate dial-in numbers or complicated pin codes. Just press the button in the app and participants just ring your mobile number. All for only £5 a month.

Easy to organise

The app syncs with your calendar so that you can set up conference calls and send invitations at the same time. And it’s all there in your calendar, to help you stay organised.

Be in control

Only you need the app, no one else. Use it to organise and schedule your calls and set alerts for conference calls. You can also mute, muffle or remove participants from a call.

Works with your smartphone

O2 Just call me works with iOS and Android devices. And there's no limit to the number of people you can include on a conference call but it works best with fewer than 20 people.

Low cost international dial in

If your participants are abroad, they can use a local dial-in number in selected countries to reduce the costs.

All-hands capability for large audiences

To address large groups or town hall-style conferences, you can use O2 Just Call Me All Hands, for an additional charge.

O2 Just Call Me

Hassle-free conference calling from your mobile. Here’s how it works.

Get started with O2 Just Call Me


  ✔  Simply sign up for O2 Just Call Me to be added to your phone within 48 hours.

  ✔  You’ll get a text when it’s live - download the app (search for ‘O2 Just Call Me’).

  ✔  Once downloaded, follow the simple instructions.

  ✔  Works with iOS and Android devices.

  ✔  Works best with fewer than 20 participants.

  Just £5 a month*

  *This price excludes VAT and doesn’t include the all-hands version.


Choose the right package for you

Clear and simple in-call controls – mute participants and accept or reject requests to join.


  Just Call Me Just Call Me All-Hands
No hidden costs - calls are hosted for free and dialling in is charged at a standard rate
Easy setup – use calendar invitations, the app or dial 321
Clear and simple in-call controls – mute participants and accept or reject requests to join   ✔
App control – no awkward PIN codes or passwords to remember   ✔ 
International dial-in – participants outside the UK can dial a local number from selected countries   ✔ 
 Host “town hall” style calls, with participants in listen-only mode x   ✔ 
Each participant is announced when they join and leave the call   x
Ideal number of participants 20 or fewer <500, subject to licence
Information available to the chairperson See who has dialled in See participant count only


A little bit more info

Read the O2 Just Call Me User Guide.

You can download more the O2 Just Call Me User Guide here for more detail.

Get help with the O2 Just Call Me FAQs.

Check out our O2 Just Call Me FAQs for more information.

See what our customers say

“When you find a product that makes your working life easier, you just want to use it. That’s been the case with O2 Just Call Me – we certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the way we used to do conference calls.”

Julie Payet, IT and Telco Administrator, HC-One

All prices exclude VAT.