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Not all business are the same

When choosing the right device it is important to consider user needs and the environment the devices are expected to operate in.

We can provide bespoke devices designed for specialist needs and for use in the construction, transport and healthcare sectors. We’ll work with you to find a device solution that works.

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Why choose a bespoke device?

Security built in

Secure devices that meet the needs of people working in a variety of professional environments available through O2, the only CAS(T)-certified network and WAN provider.

Built to last

Highly robust and designed for a long life featuring shock resistance, and an IP52 rating for dust and water resistance.

Devices for the health sector

Latex-free construction – with an antimicrobial coating, allowing it to be quickly disinfected and cleaned.

Works with security systems

Supports security compliance with optional handgrips that have NFC smart-card holders allowing ID cards to be attached.

Long battery life

Six-hour battery life when used continuously (up to nine days on standby) to last even the longest of shifts.

Easy to use

Familiar, easy-to-use software including Microsoft Windows 10 and Google Android 6 (Marshmallow).

RNIB and O2

O2 and RNIB working together to make life-changing technology accessible and affordable.

Work in a tough place? 

Our low-cost ruggedised tablet is built to last.


The Casebook 3 exclusively from O2

Our low-cost, ruggedised two-in-one tablet is designed for the needs of any workplace environment.
✔ Bright and easily readable touch screen supports stylus or multi-touch finger input.
✔ Designed to deal with anything – latex-free construction, antimicrobial coating, resistant to surgical wipes and can be easily disinfected.
✔ Supplied and running on a choice of Microsoft Windows or Google Andriod operating systems. 
✔ Fully loaded with 4G, NFC, Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth 4. 
✔ Lightweight and well proportioned – 796g tablet plus 570g detachable keyboard.276mm tall, 181mm wide and 12.3mm thick.
✔ Long-life battery with six hours of continuous use.
✔ Highly robust with IP52 ingress protection against water and dust and withstands drops onto concrete of 0.7 meters.
The tablet enables smarter working and improved collaboration. Suitable for a builder on a construction site. Maintenance personnel on an aircraft or trains. And health care workers. All have access to records instantly which removes the need to make trips to the office or back to their workstation each time they require records. 


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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

A little bit more info

Read our product overview for the Casebook 3

You can download our Casebook 3 overview here for more detail. 

Working in Healthcare? Read about the Casebook 3 for Healthcare.

Check out the O2 Healthcare Casebook product sheet here. 

See what our customers say

“It makes technology accessible. It makes it less scary for those who use technology and those who never have had the courage to before. O2 and RNIB are working together to ensure that this technology is there for anyone who needs it, and is accessible at an affordable price."

Product Manager - Literacy and Braille literacy, RNIB

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