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Did you know that almost half of all UK customers prefer to talk over text, rather than phone?

Our managed messaging service including SMS, RCS and in-app and email formats, allows private and public organisations to send automated messaging alerts and marketing messages to people in the way they prefer.

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Why choose Business Messaging?

Personalise the content, delivery and interactivity of every customer conversation, to support engagement and loyalty.

Control when messages are sent to ensure effectiveness and that you meet any regulatory obligations.

Cut costs by making messages work smarter and only talking to customers in the way they are most likely to interact with you.

Consult with our specialist team to keep refining and improving your messaging strategy.

Deliver a consistent experience with your brand across every channel. Even if they switch to another channel, their conversation history moves with them.

Get a platform that allows you to message across all of your key channels and get the right insights back.

Make the best use of all the options

Omnichannel interaction means considering every route to the customer.



Personalised and engaging messages at scale, on a trusted channel.

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    Send messages to all customers, no matter what device they have
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    Reliably send messages when required for compliance or regulation
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    Our platform helps you create, send, receive and analyse SMS quickly



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RCS Business Messaging

Interactive, real-time messaging with your customer’s smartphone.

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    Include gifs, carousels, quick-response buttons and read receipts
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    Eventually you’ll also be able to let customers pay through the channel
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    Deliver their full customer journey through one conversation



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In-app notifications and email

Incorporate both email and in-app notifications into your messaging mix.

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    Cover every channel through which your customers interact
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    Customers who opt for email communications can benefit from built-in, customisable templates
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    Cost effective and easy to use, the ideal way to drive mobile app adoption



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Ways it can help your business

Sales & Marketing

Highlight in-store promotions to customers with real-time messaging. Drive customers to collect orders that have been reserved in-store.

Customer Service

Customers can contact organisations with information, preferences, requests and claims. Use intelligent surveys to improve engagement and meet regulatory requirements for customer feedback. Convert messages to customers’ preferred channels automatically.

Customer Alerts and Reminders

Keep customers informed with information updates to reduce calls into the call centre, e.g. bank balance alerts, school closure announcements or appointment reminders. Cultivate customer trust and satisfaction with personalised updates to generate feedback, develop conversations and drive revenue.


Notify customers when orders will be delivered to reduce uncertainty and create a more wraparound service. And help head off customer satisfaction problems with proactive communication.

Internal Comms

Automatically connect team members through secure, managed messaging channels, to aid management of crisis scenarios, streamline organisational communications and provide updates.

Two-factor Authentication

Validate that whoever is logging into your website is who they say they are, confirming their personal information using a code sent to the customer’s device.

Why choose O2?


Our flexible solutions currently deliver 80m messages/month.

Trusted and reliable

We deliver messaging solutions for over 100 organisations.

Cost effective

We charge for messages delivered, not messages sent.

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector