iPhone Medium Business Regular User

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Medium Business Regular User

The iPhone Medium Business Regular User tariff gives you unlimited data browsing, email and visual voicemail. It also offers unlimited access to 9500 Wi-Fi hotspots through The Cloud and BT Open Zone networks.


As an O2 business customer you get all this included in your tariff - on us.

  • Unlimited free calls to other O2 mobiles, whether they're colleagues, family or friends
  • Unlimited calls to 10 UK landline numbers. Choose the numbers you call the most
  • Unlimited calls to your visual voicemail. So you can check your messages as often as you need to
  • Inclusive Minutes and texts that you can share with other users
  • Unused Minutes and texts that roll over for one month

You also get:

  • A flat call rate from the UK to Europe of just 8p per minute
  • Discounts on International calling, with our International Traveller service

This tariff includes

  • 950 Inclusive minutes to standard UK landlines and mobiles on any network
  • 500 Inclusive text messages
  • Unlimited email and internet access, including Wi-Fi

For more information on charges outside of your inclusive minutes, see our tariff charges

Monthly Cost

iPhone Medium Business Regular User is available on 24 and 36 month contracts.

24 Months 36 Months
£48.51 £46.01
£20.51 for each sharer £19.76 for each sharer

Using your iPhone Abroad

Downloading 1MB of data in an EU country will cost you £3. Downloading the same amount for data in a non EU country will cost £6.

If you regularly use your iPhone 3G abroad for surfing the internet and checking emails, you might want to add one of our money-saving Data Abroad Bolt Ons.

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