Secure network

Connect your offices with fast, safe, digital links

Bring your company’s sites together with a choice of secure links for calls and data

How to buy

Bring your offices together in one network

No matter where your people are, they're all working for the same business. And it'll feel like it too, with Digital Links. Guaranteed capacity. No interruptions. And a choice of connections to suit your business. All come with 24/7 support. And one fixed cost.

Digital Link kb and Mb

Our service works with most of the kit you probably have. And the lines are yours alone, so your data is safe.

Choose between:
  • Digital Link kb: 2.4kbps up to 64kbps
  • Digital Link kb N: 128kbps up to 960kbps
  • Digital Link Mb: 1Mbps up to 622Mbps

Digital Link Ethernet

Hook up your sites with a fast, secure Ethernet connection. It'll connect your office local area networks (LANs), and give you end-to-end control of your wide area network (WAN) too.

Pick your connection speed (10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1Gbps) and bandwidth (0.2Mbps to 1Gbps). And if you need more, we can quickly add it.

Then choose your connections:
  • two sites together
  • one site to several others
  • sites up to 25km apart, cost-effectively
  • all your sites together, wherever they are

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