Minicabit uses 24 hour data

London-based start-up cuts costs of networking abroad

The challenge

London-based Minicabit is a web and app-based business that lets travellers browse licensed cab operators in cities across the UK. To continue growing the business in new markets around the world, overseas travel is key for Product Manager Chris Lynch.

The cab business changes fast, and Chris needs to stay in close contact with his clients and the rest of the eight-strong Minicabit team back in the UK. Knowing how expensive this can be, Chris needed a cost-effective data roaming solution that he knew he could trust.

The solution

The O2 Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt-On gives Chris all the flexibility he needs as an occasional business traveller. He sets it up once with a simple text message and then knows he can email, use social media, browse the internet and access the apps he uses to monitor and grow the business from wherever he travels, without high data costs.

He knows exactly what he’s paying and with frequent notifications about how much data he’s using, Chris stays in total control of what he spends and when his data will run out.

The benefits

  • Chris can get online to monitor business as soon as he gets off the plane
  • He has 200MB of data to use in any 24-hour period for a single fixed fee of just £7.50 and the 24 hours only starts when he first uses it
  • If Chris travels to different zones outside of Europe during that 24 hours, his data allowance travels with him, adjusting as he goes
  • He’s free to use email, social media, browse the internet and access the apps he uses to take care of business
  • Chris no longer has to rely on untrustworthy, slow wireless networks that can cost a small fortune
  • His Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On allows Chris to transfer confidential documents and information quickly and securely
  • Chris’s efficiency improves because he can work abroad just as he would at home, without worrying about data costs

Busy start-up keeps business costs down while travelling