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Take your gig experience to the next level with the O2 Academy app.

The O2 Academy app lets you buy event tickets, earn rewards, find and share your favourite gigs, enjoy special offers on drinks and merchandise, and see the best photos from your event, all in one place.

Whether you’re looking for events to go to, or you’ve already booked your tickets, the O2 Academy app is packed with more than enough features to really get the night started.

Just choose your favourite O2 Academy and then enjoy:

  • O2 Priority – If you’re on O2, you’ll get access to exclusive offers like free cloakroom and 2 for 1 on selected drinks.
  • Event tickets – Buy tickets for unmissable O2 Academy shows via Ticketweb through the app. Find a gig and tap – it’s as simple as that.
  • Rewards – Check the credit tab in your app wallet for exclusive rewards from us and our partners. You can even use your credit towards drinks and merchandise at events.
  • Personalised event listings – Find events at the locations nearest to you, favourite the events you’re going to and share them with your friends.
  • Artist-themed selfies – Use the app’s selfie frames to take photos of you and your gig, then post them to your social media and give your friends major FOMO.
  • Photo wall – Check out fan photos from the event and share your own snaps with fellow gig goers.
  • Shop – Browse discounts and offers on drinks and merchandise, buy them using your card, Apple Pay or Paypal, then collect at the venue on the night.

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