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Between us, we represent O2 on the internet...



What do we do? As an O2 Guru I try and make technology simple. Offering solutions, problem solving, giving help and advice. Ask me anything.

When I'm not online I...like to keep up to date researching the latest technology, playing with shiny gadgets and updating my social networks. I also enjoy going to gigs and seeing comedians live. Check out some of our videos on YouTube.



What do I do? Connect, support and help our customers in any way I can, using all available social media channels. Put our customers at the heart of what we do and turn them into fans!

When I'm not online I...think of things which I can do online! I can’t really go in offline mode.



What do I do? Talk to our customers every day through all the social media channels, making sure you’re happy and doing what I can to help if ever you're not.

When I'm not online I... spend way too much time on my Xbox. At weekends, I transform from a couch potato into a DJ. Which is nice.



What do I do? Add in my penny's worth on how people can engage with O2 in a creative way.

When I'm not online I...am working on an app that will get my baby daughter to sleep through the night...wishful thinking!



What do I do? Keep an eye on competitions on O2Priority and generally help out when needed!

When I’m not online I… eat takeaway pizza and Sky Sports, easy.



What do I do? Look for smarter ways to handle the conversations between us and making sure the right parts of our business know about your important issues.

When I’m not online I... Am usually doing something geeky with computers. Either that or downloading yet another app for my phone



What do I do? Think of interesting things to talk about and creative ways for people to get involved with O2.

When I’m not online I...Eat fajitas, play Xbox and watch films.



What do I do? I make sure our customers queries are answered in a quick and accurate manner while making our customers experience as enjoyable as possible.

When I’m not online... I’m playing my Xbox, eating Chinese food and visiting my friends and family.



What do I do? I deliver responses and engagement for reputational issues. I also look after the social content for the O2 Community and the O2 Media Awards.

When I’m not online I… I play football, badly… Try to watch as much comedy as possible and enjoy family time with my wife Clare and son Dominic. I also enjoy a nice single malt and stupidly warm climates.



What do I do? I help with our social media reputation and try to engage with our customers in way that mans can relate fam.

When I’m not online I’m either watching football, socialising or trying to remember the entire content of urban dictionary.



What do I do? I make sure that everyone gets to see all our great music and sports stuff on our social media channels

When I’m not online I… go to too many gigs and watch too many films. But at least I don’t play Xbox…



What do I do? Provide content and support for our business social media channels

When I’m not online I… read, bake, and watch TV dramas.



What do I do? I do a lot of things… But I mainly spend my time on Twitter and Facebook and all other things Social Media making sure O2 looks awesome in the eyes of the public, so it’s definitely not a hard job! ;)

When I’m not online… I’m usually at some form of gig. Music, comedy, interpretive dance… You name it, I’ve attended! MASSIVE LOVEY! Anything that involves someone performing in front of me… But it’s always better when there are Jazz Hands involved


Chris K

What do I do? I look for how to maintain & enhance a customer’s experience with us, while helping them smile with cheesy one-liners. I'm the king of cheesy!

When I’m not online… Following my favourite sport, Formula 1. Drinking jagerbombs. Making people laugh or smile anyway I can.



What do I do? I keep track of everything coming through O2 and to make sure our customers have the best experience when contacting us on social media.

When I’m not online... I do a bit of writing about football, watch football and play football. So really just one thing



What do I do? Think of fun and interesting ways to tell people about new products and talk about all the great things we’re doing in sport and music

When I’m not online I… am going to as many concerts as possible, reading and watching Breaking Bad.



What do I do? I assist our customers with any questions they may have, through all social media channels, providing the best possible customer experience.

When I’m not online…I’m working out at the gym, visiting friends and family, or watching soaps with my housemate