Think Big

The biggest contribution we can make to a sustainable future is as agents of change.

Clearly, the way we work and run our business is very important. But we have the technology to help businesses work in completely different ways. We can connect the thinking and ingenuity of millions of customers. We can inspire people to join forces and build a smarter UK.

So how will we make these changes happen?

Thinking big has created fresh possibilities for our customers in the past. And we believe it will help us lead the way to sustainability in future.

The Think Big Blueprint sets out our three key goals and 40 individual commitments.

These goals will help O2 harness our unique understanding of technology and digital connectivity to build a more sustainable future. They will focus our efforts on supporting the next generation, enriching people's live and reducing the UK's environmental footprint.

Being part of Telefónica means there's a real dynamic behind our sustainability ambitions. With 300 million customers and 300,000 employees worldwide, Telefónica is well placed to act as an engine for economic, technological and social progress wherever it operates.