Terms & conditions

Samsung Galaxy S4 £37 a month on O2 Refresh 2GB Double Data Introductory Offer

  1. Offer only available to new and upgrading customers who sign up to a £37 a month O2 Refresh (£17 Airtime Plan and £20 Phone Plan) contract for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (with a £69.99 upfront handset cost) including unlimited calls, unlimited texts & currently with 2 GB data (under this Double Data offer). Please see clause 3 below for the alternative option to purchase the phone outright with this tariff. To obtain this offer customers must select the correct Double Data O2 Refresh combined Airtime Plan and Phone Plan subject to the terms below. Pre-orders for the s4 on O2 Refresh are available in O2 Retail stores , where a deposit of £49.99 must be paid to secure the pre-order. This will be paid back when the customer comes to collect their phone and complete the sign-up process (they must then still pay the £69.99 upfront handset cost), or alternatively they may be allowed to use the £49.99 deposit towards the upfront cost and to pay the remaining £20 (at O2's sole discretion). O2 reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time on reasonable notice. O2 also reserves the right to add a Double Data promotion to other contracts with the same handset. Participating customers will receive 30 days' notice via text message before promotional data is withdrawn.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer is only available on the £37 a month O2 Refresh tariff which is made up of the £17 Airtime Plan and £20 Phone Plan. It is not available on any other £37 a month O2 Refresh tariff (but please note there is an option to pay for the phone outright and still access the £17 Airtime Plan as set out at clause 3 below).
  3. Consumers can elect to pay the Cash Price for the phone at the point of purchase and they can still receive Double Data on the £17 a month Airtime Plan. In this case the customer would not enter a Phone Plan.
  4. This offer must be taken by midnight on 25th April 2013. (the 'Closing Date'). Anyone ordering the phone after this date will not be eligible for the Double Data and will receive 1GB of data per month.
  5. Customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy s4 at £37 a month with an On & On contract before midnight on 25th April 2013 and who qualified for the equivalent Double Data offer with their £37 a month On and On contract (terms and conditions for which can be viewed here) will be given special dispensation to change to the Double Data offer on O2 Refresh. For the avoidance of doubt, this offer will not be available to anyone who orders their phone for the first time after the Closing Date. This option to switch offers will only be available for a maximum of 14 days after the closing date, and the option must be taken up by a customer within 7 working days of collecting their phone under the O2 Change of Mind policy. For customers who pre-ordered in store: when they come to an O2 store to collect their pre-ordered On & On Samsung Galaxy S4 phone they will be allowed to switch to this Double Data offer with an O2 Refresh plan if they wish to. This opportunity to switch offers will only apply at the time they come to collect their phone and should they decline the opportunity to switch to this offer when they come to collect their phone they will not be able to subsequently switch to this offer (except as part of the O2 7 working day Change of Mind policy). For Customers who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy s4 at £37 a month with an On & On contract online or via telesales: they will need to cancel their On & On contract order within the allowed cooling off period under this contract and provided they can show they made their original pre-order before the Closing Date they will be allowed to sign-up to this O2 Refresh Double Data offer within 14 days after the closing date.
  6. All O2 Best for Business customers (new and upgrading) are ineligible to take-up this offer.
  7. Existing customers must upgrade and change to an eligible plan to take up this offer. In these circumstances any unused inclusive allowance will be lost.
  8. Eligible customers will automatically receive Double Data for as long as they remain connected to the original O2 Refresh plan they signed up with (i.e. until they change to a new Phone Plan, or upgrade, or change their Airtime Plan, or until the initial term of their Airtime Plan expires, whichever occurs soonest). Customers who switch to an ineligible plan or who fail to comply with any of the terms of this promotion will lose the Double Data benefit.
  9. Customers who sign up for this offer in store will need to pay a deposit for the handset and will be able to use the extra data from the date when they go into the store to collect their handset and sign up to the O2 Refresh contract terms.
  10. Connection to O2 Refresh is subject to status and credit check.
  11. Data allowances must be used within the month. Unused allowances cannot be carried over into subsequent months.
  12. Promotional data will be used before any Bolt On data.
  13. Customers who disconnect and reconnect (for whatever reason) are not eligible for this offer.
  14. No cash alternatives are available. Promotional allowances cannot be transferred.
  15. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  16. The Promoter: Telefónica UK Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX.