Terms & conditions

Phones 4 U, Tesco or A1 Customer Handset Offer terms and conditions

Up-front handset price match with P4U, Tesco or A1 (the "Handset Offer") is available to Eligible Customers only.
You're an 'Eligible Customer' if:

  1. you're an existing consumer Pay Monthly customer on a handset tariff who signed up through Phones 4 U, Tesco or A1;
  2. you have 1 month or less left but are still within the minimum term of your current contract; and
  3. you wish to sign up and are eligible for an O2 Refresh 24 month term tariff (consisting of a 'Phone Plan' and an 'Airtime Plan') from us (see full terms at O2 Refresh - Phone Plan and terms and conditions).

The Handset Offer is not available if you want to sign up to a simplicity, sim only tariff or a non-O2 Refresh Pay Monthly tariff. It is not available if you want to upgrade to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Phones 4 U, Tesco or A1 customers - Handset offer terms and conditions

  1. If you are an Eligible Customer, and you accept all of the terms and conditions of the Handset Offer listed here, we will allow you to end your existing Pay Monthly contract early and upgrade without paying the remaining month of your minimum term; and
  2. We will offer you a new 24 month O2 Refresh tariff with a Phone Plan with the same or lower up-front payment on the handset where (subject to availability) the handset is the same as one currently available on;;;; and also in our handset range.
  3. Before you can end your existing contract under this Handset Offer you must:
    • a. Sign up for a new 24 month term O2 Refresh tariff consisting of a Phone Plan on a consumer credit agreement and an Airtime Plan on our standard Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, where the combined monthly payment on the Phone Plan and Airtime Plan are closest to your current handset tariff or the offer from Phones 4 U, Tesco or A1 on which the handset described in paragraph 2 above is available; and
    • b. Understand and agree that if you change your mind you won't be able to go back to your previous airtime tariff. However, you'll still have the right to change your mind about the phone and/or choose to pay for your phone in full rather than on a Phone Plan.
  4. The Handset Offer is available for Eligible Customers in O2 stores and via Customer Services over the phone and through webchat.
  5. If you are not an Eligible Customer then you will not be able to take the Handset Offer and will need to pay the remainder of your minimum term if you wish to end your contract.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, you will not be able to take this Handset Offer if you are signing up for a new handset tariff not on O2 Refresh.
  7. If you take up the Handset Offer, any unused call/text allowances on your current tariff will be lost. You won't be able to move back to your old tariff after you've upgraded.
  8. When you take an O2 Refresh Phone Plan through the Handset Offer, you can change your mind about which phone you take in the first seven working days or you can cancel your entire O2 Refresh package (both Phone Plan and Airtime Plan) as part of our standard 'Change Your Mind' policy. This means you can:
    • a. change your phone for a different phone available on O2 Refresh (which may involve signing up to a different Phone Plan and/or paying a different up-front payment); or
    • b. subject to paragraphs 9 to 11 below, cancel your Phone Plan, pay for the phone in full or return your phone to us and remain connected with your Airtime Plan.
  9. If you decide to cancel, we won't be able to put you back on your old tariff.
  10. If you're cancelling, you'll still be responsible for any usage charges you've incurred.
  11. You also have 14 days to change your mind about buying the phone on the Phone Plan credit agreement. You can't return the phone to us after the 7 day Change Your Mind period ends so if you withdraw from your Phone Plan credit agreement you'll need to buy the phone outright. You can still carry on with your Airtime Plan.
  12. This Handset Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any early upgrade eligibility you may have as part of O2 Rewards.
  13. This Handset Offer is not available on O2 Refresh bundles.
  14. You can also get money for your old phone by trading it in with O2 Recycle.
  15. O2 may withdraw or amend this Offer at any time and will post details on our website. Please check for up-to-date information.