Terms & conditions

Pay & Go o2 Basic tariff terms and conditions

O2 Basic is a simple flat rate tariff with clear pricing and no free allowances.

  • 1. Applies to existing Pay & Go by invitation only.
  • 2. The charges for this tariff shall be applied as follows:
For calls made within the UK O2 Basic Tariff
UK Landline calls (peak & offpeak) 15p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
O2 mobile (peak & offpeak) 15p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
Other UK network mobiles (peak & offpeak) 15p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
UK Text Message 5p per SMS
0500, 0505, 055, 056, 080, 082 15p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
0844 / 0845 / 0870 25p (min charge 1 minute)
0871 calls 35p (min charge 1 minute)
070 calls 50p (min charge 1 minute)
07744 / 07755 25p (min charge 1 minute)
Voicemail 901 Voice 15p per Call
Ringback 901 15p per call
UK Picture Message 25p per message
WAP (915000 or +44 7712 927927) 10p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
GPRS WAP Up to max £1/day
Video Calls 50ppm (min charge 1 minute)
International Calls from UK All zones 150ppm (min charge 1 minute)
International Texts from UK All zones 20p per SMS
Premium Rate Calls From 80p depending on the call
O2 Directory enquires 118402 60p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
Directory enquires 118500, 118118, 118247 100p per minute (min charge 1 minute)
Customer Service from O2 mobile 25p per call
TrafficLine 1200 45p per minute (min charge 1 minute)

*Charged as you use at approx 1p per 3 kilobytes in the UK up to a maximum of £1 per day. This equates to £3.00 per MB.

  • 3. Upon O2's acceptance for you to receive this tariff you will automatically be activated to receive the above rates on O2 Basic tariff.
  • 4. When you move to O2 Basic tariff you will lose any existing free allowances. Customers can switch to either the O2 Unlimited, Text Anytime, Talkalotmore, Your Country or Favourite Place free monthly allowances once every 30 days. However, new free monthly allowances will only start from your next anniversary date and only one free monthly allowance will apply at any time. Customers may not have the option to return to this O2 Basic tariff in the event of a transfer to an alternative tariff.
  • 5. The ability to send picture messages and text messages requires a compatible handset.
  • 6. You must have a minimum balance of 17 pence in order to initiate a GPRS WAP session in the UK.
  • 7. Calls to Customer Service on 08705 678678 or short code 4445 are charged at 25p per call from your O2 mobile. Hours of opening are from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm on Saturday and 8am to 6pm on Sunday.
  • 8. O2 Basic tariff is subject to availability. O2 reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any element of this tariff. If we amend any of these to your disadvantage we will notify you. Notice will be provided by text message. Changes will be effective immediately upon our having notified you.
  • 9. Other Standard Pay & Go bolt ons will be available for you to opt-in to.
  • 10. You still qualify for Pay & Go benefits such as Treats, Rewards, O2 Top Up Surprises, and upgrades if you move to this tariff.
  • 11. In the event that you currently receive a '10% for life' discount, this shall continue to be available if you remain connected to O2 Pay & Go with your existing sim card. If you upgrade, switch to a pay monthly tariff, change your mobile number, change your mobile network operator, if your mobile is barred or if you fail to comply with any of these terms or your airtime terms, you will no longer be eligible for the 10% for life discount.
  • 12. Standard Pay & Go airtime terms and conditions also apply to this service.