Call Transfer

  • Make your calls work harder for your business
  • Receive up-to-the-minute traffic reports
  • Directory Enquiries to help you find that number
  • When you can't answer the phone, 1471 will tell you who called


Make your calls work harder for your business

From call diverting to group conferencing, and from call tagging to 1471, we've thought of everything to help you and your customers be better connected.

Trafficline 1200

When your business is on the move, beat the jams with up-to-the-minute traffic info.

More about Trafficline 1200

Directory Enquiries

Can't find that number? Look no further than our Directory Enquiries service.

More about Directory Enquiries

Call Transfer

This feature helps you to manage your time more effectively, with a variety of flexible ways to control your calls.

Call Forwarding means your incoming calls can be forwarded (or diverted) straight to your home, office, callback, or almost any telephone anywhere in the world. Calls can be forwarded on 'not reachable', 'busy', 'no reply' or for 'all calls'.

Call Diverts allows you to specify the length of time the phone rings before diverting. The standard ring time is 30 seconds, but you can choose anything from five to 30 seconds.

Call Hold allows you to put an existing call on hold, dial someone else, and once the second person is connected, to switch between the two. All three parties can't be connected to hear each other simultaneously, so if you want to do this, try GSM Conferencing (if you're on Mobex) or Group Conferencing.

Call Waiting lets you know that another caller is trying to contact you when you're already on a call. It does this by giving you either a light ringing or beeping in your ear while you're talking.

Call Tagging

Free Call Tagging for all our Best for Business (payu) customers means you can easily split personal and business numbers on your bill. The service identifies calls with an agreed suffix (*), separating business from pleasure. It's an easy way of recovering the cost of your personal calls.

When you're making a personal call from a business mobile phone on a Best For Business, Mobex or GroupWorker tariff, you just 'tag' an asterisk to the end of the dialled number. This indicates that the call is non-business, e.g. 01753 564000*, making it easier to identify later. (Business calls from your business mobile phone are made as usual, without the asterisk.)

Group Conferencing

When face-to-face isn't possible, Group Conferencing allows you set up a meeting via your mobile phone. Invite up to 39 people, tell them the date, time and number to call, then give them their unique access code. You can register by calling 2255 free from your mobile phone.


Get the identity of your last caller, even if your mobile phone is switched off.

Based on the established BT service, 1471 works in exactly the same way and it's free of charge to all O2 customers. And if you want, you can return the call by pressing 3. The call remains free until answered, when it's charged at your usual tariff rate.