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O2 Drive app

O2 Drive app

Getting started 
You'll need an O2 Drive policy to use the O2 Drive app. You can download it at the Google Play store and the App store. Just search for O2 Drive, or follow the links  here.

Once you've downloaded the app, sign in using your My O2 details. The app will run in the background, and will use less data than a social networking app or browser. You can use your phone as normal, but you should never use your phone while driving.  

Using the app
You'll need a smartphone on Android 4.0 and above, or iOS 8 and above, to use the app. If you can't get the app, you can still see important documents and manage your account online at  My O2 Drive, but you won't be able to access perks, or see your driving scores.

If you get a new phone, you won’t lose all your saved journeys and data. You just need to download the app again and sign in with the same My O2 username and password.

Accessing perks
When you open the app, your perks will be shown on your homepage. Just click on the one you like and follow the prompts to redeem it.

Journey and driver scores
The O2 Drive app scoring system is based on a range of safe driving measures that we’ve developed working with driver safety experts A2om and the insurance industry. You’ll see an overall driver score after each journey.  Then once you’ve driven over 250 miles you’ll see this broken down into four sections - acceleration, awareness, speed and time of day, as well as tips on how to improve. These will be updated after each journey. The more miles you drive, the more accurate your score. The higher your overall score, the safer you are driving. Please refer to our privacy policy  to see how your driving data will be used. 

Deleting journey information 
O2 Drive customers can exclude journeys where they were a passenger or using another mode of transport within Settings, and Journeys. O2 Drive - Box on Board customers cannot exclude journeys, if you believe your box is faulty, contact us on 0330 018 0802.

Hiding journey information 
You can hide your score within Settings, and Display Driving Data You can also unhide this at any time.

Recording journeys  
As long as the app is open or running in the background your journeys should be recorded. For O2 Drive - Box on Board customers, all journeys are automatically recorded.

Your driving score is based on GPS location data which is made up of individual scores for aggression (acceleration), anticipation (braking), speed and the time of day you are driving. GPS data is only used to ensure you are driving and not a passenger on a train for example. 

Problems with the O2 Drive app 
If your app isn't working properly, check you have a data connection (via a mobile data connection or wifi). Try checking another app to make sure your connection is working. If you can't sign in, check that you've created your  My O2 account

If your data isn't updating, make sure you’re connected to wifi. We use wifi to upload your journeys so that we don't eat into your data allowance. 

If you still can't use the app, your journeys aren't updating, or you get an error message try again later. It could be that you have no connection or our service is temporarily down. If the problem continues, call us on 0330 018 0802.


Here are some set up tips:

O2 Drive customers
  1. make sure Display Driving Data is switched on in Settings
  2. make sure GPS/location services is enabled in the phone’s main menu
  3. have your phone holstered and in sight of GPS (ie. the sky) – preferably on the dashboard, rather than your pocket or the boot, so GPS can be picked up
  4. make sure your phone has got a lot of battery left, as many smartphones will switch off some features (including GPS) in low battery mode
  5. keep some spare memory on your phone for storing the journeys
  6. connect to wifi after you’ve completed journeys as they only upload to our servers over wifi - this is to save your data allowance. After a journey is finished and uploaded over wifi it can take up to 24 hours to be analysed and the score to show in the app.

Double check in your settings that O2 Drive has location permission set to Always - it should have a purple arrow if it’s being used or been used recently. You should see that little location icon in the status bar at the top while the app is open.

Go to Settings>Applications>Application manager>O2 Drive>Permissions, and make sure location is
switched to on

O2 Drive – Box on Board customers
Journeys will be recorded using your telematics box, so settings on your phone are not important for journey recording.

You still need to use the app on your phone to see your driving scores and access your perks.

Car Assistant

Car Assistant is included as part of O2 Drive. It's designed to help you maintain and look after your car.
Need a service, repair or MOT? We’ll help you find the right service for your car. Get you confirmed prices from garages local to you. And book it for you

To use Car Assistant, simply click to call from the O2 Drive app, or dial 0800 7818092. 

How does it work? 

Call the Car Assistant team and tell them what you need.
They’ll help you find the right service for your car. Give you a choice of confirmed prices from garages in your area. And book it for you.
Car Assistant is provided by Book My Garage on behalf of O2 Drive. Book My Garage is owned by the Motorist’s Organisation. They have access to over 8-500 garages and can compare car servicing needs and costs at local auto centres, saving time and frustration.

Car Assistant is provided by CLM Fleet Management on behalf of O2 Drive. CLM is a specialist in managing car servicing, maintenance and repairs. 

Problems with Car Assistant 
If you've got any complaints or issues with Car Assistant, call the team on 0330 400 4432.

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